BLACK FRIDAY 2020!!! SALE 50% OFF19.11.2020 16:15



from 23.11 to 06.12

50% OFF for bookings with note Black Friday!

Charter weeks 

March, 20, 27
April, 3, 10, 17
May, 29
 August, 28



ELAN Impression 45.1 Galina




50% Discount from the base price*
This discount cancels all other discounts*

"Aquatoria" on guard of your rest!12.03.2020 15:54


Dear friends!

Due to the increasing uncertainty of the situation with the coronovirus (Convid 19), we carefully monitor the current situation and take measures to ensure that you remain confident in us and your plans!



And although at the moment there are no restrictions on Croatia and Turkey, we announce in advance about the guarantee of the "Aquatoria" (for those who entered into an agreement from March 11 to April 15):

Free Date Transfer

In case of border closures and / or travel restrictions to Croatia or Turkey due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), our guests and students can postpone the date of the study groups, events of the "Aquatoria" and the rent of our Fleet free of charge.

Free cancellation

Even the day before the start of training or rental, our guests and students can cancel it free of charge in case of border closures and / or travel restrictions to Croatia or Turkey due to coronavirus (Covid-19)

In addition, when renting yachts around the world, we will demand the same conditions from partners and stand firmly on guard of your interests!

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If in doubt, please contact us and together we will find a solution so that your plans are not overshadowed by anything!

Attention! Christmas discounts!17.12.2019 11:01


Dear friends!

New Year and Christmas holidays are just around the corner and we are starting the gift season!
Hurry up to take advantage of the special offer

"Christmas Discounts"

only from December 16 to January 12

Bavaria 42 Match (2006) - 3 cab.
Bavaria Cruiser 40 S (2013) - 3 cab.
Elan Impression 45 (2019) - 4 cab.
Elan Impression 45.1 (2020) - 4 cab.

Huge discounts on yacht rental: From our charter company 29% and in addition from the agency 7%.

And for those who want to become a captain in the new year 2020 or to upgrade their qualifications, they also receive a 30% discount on theory.

Act! Hurry up to get the best at a lower price!


Test-drive new Elan E4 and Elan I4514.03.2019 14:01

Aquatoria Yachting company offers all its customers and friends a new free service - Test-drive new Elan E4 and Elan I45
Every Saturday in the Marina Pirovac you can evaluate their driving performance, internal comfort, and look at them "in action". 

Do not miss the opportunity to become a "earliest explorer" Elan!


You can sign up for Test-drive through our Moscow office: 
daily from 10: 00 to 19: 00


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Moscow Boat Show 201907.03.2019 11:34

On March 6, Aquatoria Yachting visited the International exhibition of boats and yachts "Moscow Boat Show" by almost all Russian office.

This exhibition has long gained popularity among fans and representatives of yachting and business - it organically combines the most widely embracing yachting industry with a program of business and entertainment events, the format of which brings together professionals and аmateurs.


The exhibition was attended by more than 145 participants from all over Europe, including Aquatoria Yachting met her friends and long-time partners from different countries: Marina Frapa (Croatia), Russian sailing school (Sevastopol), Bosforcharter (Croatia), Cosmos (Greece).

IMG_2537 53ba6ee0-3189-48e7-a326-2e724abfc252


IMG_2497 IMG_2539

As a result of productive and interesting meetings with partners, there were new ideas and projects with plans for further implementation. Follow the news on our website, we will please you!

The main event of the season 201929.11.2018 17:07

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The main event of the season 2019

Do you want to participate in something really worthwhile?
Then this is for you!

-------- Aquatoria Yachting presents -------


-------- maTRYOSHKA sailing cup ---------






International Regatta



This stage is suitable for beginner teams who need training, and for busy people who want to save their time.

At this time in Croatia, it is already warm: in the daytime 20-24 ° C, at night 10-14 ° C. This weather is great for competitions: cool and a lot of wind.

Stage 2

This stage will be especially interesting for those who want to participate in a sports regatta and relax in the sun. At the end of May, it is already warm, in the afternoon around 20-25 ° C, at night 16 ° C.

Stage 3

At this time, Croatia is warm enough: the average daytime air temperature is 18-22 ° C, at night 10-15 ° C, and the water temperature is 19 ° C. This is a great weather for competitions, as it is no longer hot, and in November a stable wind

Regatta is supported by famous athletes, and the number of professional participants promises to make the fight interesting.

Excellent location and infrastructure of Croatia.
International level of refereeing and organization of distances.

Low cost of participation and convenient dates.

The ability to book a place in a team or book a yacht and come with your team.

The opportunity to win cash prizes, which in total can exceed 3,000,000 rubles.

Uraaa! We are the first on Frappe !!!10.10.2018 16:55

As many of you know, we are actively involved in the calendar of Croatian regattas and not only. We are always worthy to fight for prizes!

This time we put our team in one of the largest business regattas in Croatia, in which leading Croatian and foreign entrepreneurs and companies take part.

The regatta was held from 4 to 7 October 2018.



This time luck was with us. And the professionalism and teamwork brought the deserved fruit.

Congratulations to ALL of the team members and ALL who supported us !!!



Logushkin Yury - captain

Logushkina Galina

Rogachev Dmitry

Afanasyev Dmitry

Finally!!!21.05.2018 13:25


Dear friends!

Congratulate us!

We issued first in the season instructor course!

We gain experience, the course in mar4ina Pirovac and our yacht Sun Odyssey 54 DS VIKA was very productive.

Examiner Mr. John Goode highly appreciated our school’s preparation and competence of our instructor

Yury Logushkin.

Course passed in a friendly and effective environment. All students showed the highest level of preparation and longing for new achievements.  
We are proud of our students and are looking forward to further long lasting and productive cooperation with them.






Opening of training class in Croatia!02.04.2018 00:00

Dear friends!

From this moment we teach theory in Croatia. Classroom is situated in marina Pirovac. It holds from 6 to 8 listeners! It is equipped with TV, board, computers, office machines for printing and learning inventory of all kinds. Besides we offer coffee, tea and biscuits for our students free!

Let’s share the first photo before the first group of students arrives. Instructor training group!

IMAG3437  IMAG3429

IMAG3436  IMAG3432

Easter regatta 201717.05.2017 15:08

News from seas.

Our team Aquatoria successfully took part in Easter regatta in Croatia. Croatian regatta took place from 05.04.-08.04.17. Mastership of our guys and their rivals was on the highest level, “Olympic” distances dished out to everybody. Next year Aquatoria team will also join the regatta because we are constantly upgrading our skills!

Ahead to new adventures!



Aquatoria yachting trains instructors now17.05.2017 15:03

We cannot wait to share great news – in spring 2017 school “Aquatoria yachting” has successfully passed inspection of international yachting association IYT. Now our company hold a license for training not only captains but also instructors IYT!

In April 2017 in Croatia came representative from Great Britain for inspection of our school – Mr. John Goode, who run a check-up of our certified instructors within a week, inspected yachts and if they meet IYT the requirements. He took part in training process and examined the first group of students applying for IYT instructors. As a result of this inspection John was satisfied with our company’s fleet, training system and knowledge of our captains-instructors. Besides whole group of students (5 applicants) was attested and obtained certificates of IYT instructors!

You can see how it was from feedback on official website of IYT


This is without any doubt a breakthrough for our company. Moreover it’s great opportunity for captains wishing to train and share their experience with others showing their skills and obtain official certificate of IYT instructor!


New! Theory in class!20.12.2016 06:08

Now we provide theoretical training not only online but in the classroom too! It means that you may train in group together with lectors and gain insight into multiple situations!

You can see detailed program and other information here:




We moved!!!29.08.2016 12:52

Dear friends!

Our Aquatoria team moved.

Now you can find us on this address: Moscow region, Chekhov, Druzhby str., 1A

We are welcoming changes!
Come around!)


We are renovating!!! Practical course IYT Bareboat skipper + VHF Operator (Power)21.01.2016 03:05

We offer to your attention practical course on a power yacht that gives you a possibility to train for IYT Bareboat skipper Power!!!


Whole course: Theory + Practice IYT Bareboat skipper + VHF Operator POWER


Practical course IYT Bareboat skipper + VHF Operator POWER