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Yachting in Russia is becoming more popular kind of sport and vacation/With every year increasing number of people go on yacht holiday to change their environment in open sea and to take a breath of freash air.

Many people used to deem yachting as extremely expensive and unavailable. Now a growing number of people understands that it is not quite so. Yachting is not more expensive than other active sports now. Having realized this, more and more people change their vacation’s format; we in turn help them to make their dreams come true.

 Because it is yachting that gives the very same feeling of freedom for your body and soul, making your vacation unforgettable for many years.

Aquatoria company offers you almost full range of services in the world of yachting:

  •  yacht training from beginner’s level up to instructor level, for all kinds of sailing and power yachts;
  •  participation in international regattas and competitions;
  •  group tours on sailing yachts;
  •   individual VIP sailing tours, ALL INCLUSIVE;
  •  booking and charter of yachts worldwide;
  •   creation of individual routes considering your preferences and requests;
  •   support of events organization;
  •   investments in yachting, full range of services;
  •   charter management;
  •   registration of yachts and purchase of yachts in Croatia.

                -          now the world of yachting has become closer and real!

The company has its own fleet in Croatia so you can book a yacht from our fleet. You can take part in various and annual regattas and flotillas. Our specialists will assist you with the choice of a yacht and upon your requirement will prepare the trip regarding your wishes. Our experienced captains will lead you on any route!