Our training courses:

The main goal that we set is to train you skillful yachting and assist you in making first steps.


On the basis of IYT school program and our huge experience and we worked out programs for skippers preparation.


Yacht training from BEGINNER LEVEL has 2 stages:


1) Theoretical course


2) Practical course on a yacht


Theoretical course


We provide theoretical course online. You learn all available materials of Bareboat Skipper course (books, video lessons, presentations etc). If you have any questions concerning the course you can meet captain-instructor or communicate with him via Skype as well.


After learning material you check your knowledge by means of self-testing. You can pass test several times until you achieve necessary amount of points. The test is not a course examination, it is needed for revising the way you grasped the material, required to proceeding with practice. The given course is not final reception of theory knowledge - it’s a primary stage, in order you could prepare to practice and acquire basic knowledge. The main part of theory you receive while practicing aboard or if you choose one-week practical course theory is also provided within 2 days in theoretical class.    


Such training method allows you to learn theoretical topics that do not require explanations before coming to practical part (for example signs or meteorology) and which you just need to remember and apply with practice (for example, to pass a shoal from correct sides). Sections that require explanations and to be accomplished at sea are easier to show aboard than in class.


Theoretical training online is very convenient:


1. Everybody live in different cities and countries, it’s hard to find time and meet in classroom for a lesson. Online course does not require that, you study when and where it’s convenient for you. In such a way you receive basic knowledge.


2. Theory review combined with practice is much more effective. You are not just a passive listener, you apply the lesson practically. You catch information twice faster and efficiently.   


Practice and route


Training route starts in ship-based marina Kornati, Biograd-na-Moru. In Saturday all participants come to marina, get acquainted with captain and crew, buy provision aboard, settle in yacht and get to know it (yacht check in – configuration + checking). In Sunday and every next day crew makes a new passage and stops in a new place. In Friday you come in ship-based marina and in Saturday morning 09:00 you quit the yacht. Training route usually covers the nearest aquatoria to Biograd and includes berths in marinas, docks, moorings and anchorages.


Training program in practice


Training program is built the following way: every morning crew studies theory, then practicing berthing and coming out marina (about 11-12:00), then passage with practical skills training. During the passage you also have time to study theoretical aspects. Arriving in the next point (about 18:00) and overview of mistakes and situations occurred during the day, then you make a plan for the next day.


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The examination of theoretical course is set in form of the test in the last day on yacht in presence of captain-instructor. Practice is scored by captain-instructor’s assessment of your skills during whole training period (no additional practice examination needed).


In case the student didn’t pass the exam from the first time, he revises the material after he returns home and retakes exam in the office. (In case the student is from another city, alternative method of exam is chosen – video conference and others)


After passing the exam temporary certificates are made and within a month original certificates are given.





We offer you to check yourself and pass trial demo-test!!!