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Please find hereby Demonstration test!!!

With the help of it you can see the way theoretical exam is provided in the end of the course.

The given demo version is not Examination.

Theoretical course ONLINE IYT Bareboat skipper
Theoretical course ONLINE IYT Bareboat skipper
Theoretical yacht training is held online at out site. We add you to the system and you study theoretical course. You can test several times to check your knowledge; once you get required score you are ready for practice! Further you choose the dates for practice.
150 Euro
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VHF Operator
VHF Operator
The given IYT VHF-course coastal (Short Range Certificate (SRC) considers recommendations concerning included in Resolution 343.
The given certificate is obligatory for sailing and required by all charter companies.
60 Euro
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Competent crew
Competent crew
Certificate Competent Crew means that the holder of the given qualification has a primary sailing experience on a yacht. After completion of the theoretical course – practice is obligatory. Theory is online, practical part within 1 week yacht sailing.
40 Euro 40 Euro
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In order to go to sea on practical exercises, it is necessary to master all three blocks of the theory: Sailor (CREW), Marine Radio Communication (VHF operator), Bareboat skipper.

These courses can be purchased in stages or all together.

When you purchase all three courses of theoretical training together, a discount on theory!

The cost of a full package of Bareboat skipper (Crew, VHF, Bareboat)

250 Euro


Theoretical course ONLINE IYT Yachtmaster Coastal
Theoretical course ONLINE IYT Yachtmaster Coastal
Skipper license Yachtmaster Coastal is upgrading of a skipper qualification. It enables handling a sailing-power yacht till 78 foot/24 meters length in coastal zone till 60 n.miles at any time of day or night. This one-week course includes theoretical lessons with instructor on Russian and practical lessons at sea.

Theoretical yacht training is set online. We add you to the system and you study theoretical course. You can try testing multiple times to check your knowledge, once you score required points you are ready for practice.
280 Euro
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Theoretical course ONLINE IYT Yachtmaster Offshore
Theoretical course ONLINE IYT Yachtmaster Offshore
Skipper license IYT Yachtmaster Offshore upgrades qualification after Yachtmaster Coastal and enables to sail offshore areas. The main opportunity of the license is handling a sailing-power yacht till 78 foot/24 meters length in offshore zone 150 n.miles at any time of day or night at any weather conditions, satisfactory for sailing.

Theoretical yacht training is set online. We add you to the system and you study theoretical course. You can try testing multiple times to check your knowledge, once you score required points you are ready for practice.
280 Еuro
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ICC with CEVNI course
ICC with CEVNI course
After successful completion of the course Bareboat Skipper and testing you can hold the given certificate without additional practice. It allows you to handle a motor boat till 10 meters length. Or with additional practice till 24 meters.
International Certificate of Competency (ICC) is a set of standards, developed by Economic Commission Committee of United Nations Organization for Europe. It has international status, approved worldwide and has various categories.
The given course allows handling a motor boat till 10 m in length and sailing inland waterways in Europe and other countries.
The course is held online
110 Euro 125 Euro
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About us

Yacht school “Aquatoria” offers you training of handling a sail-motor yacht or a motor yacht with further license holding. The company deals with practical and theoretical training of Sail or Power boat handling from international yacht school IYT for a skipper license of various categories: Bareboat skipper & VHF operator, Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore и Yachtmaster Ocean, Instructor.


In this section you can find our theoretical courses based on many years’ experience of our instructors and IYT school.

  •  Competent crew. 

The course presents primary knowledge about a yacht and yacht life and sea terminology. This course is obligatory for holding skipper’s certificate!


  • VHF operator.

The course gives you a possibility to get skills of operating a VHF-station. This course is obligatory for holding skipper’s certificate!


  • Bareboat skipper.

 The course for beginners. After completion of this theoretical course, the trainee takes practical lessons at sea, then he receives skipper’s certificate and is allowed to handle sail or motor yacht individually.

  •  IYT Yachtmaster Coastal

Skipper license Yachtmaster Coastal is upgrading of a skipper qualification. It enables handling a sailing-power yacht till 78 foot/24 meters length in coastal zone till 60 n.miles at any time of day or night.

  •     IYT Yachtmaster Offshore 

Skipper license IYT Yachtmaster Offshore upgrades qualification after Yachtmaster Coastal and enables to sail offshore areas. 

  • ICC with CEVNI course.

The course allows handling a motor boat till 10 m and sailing in inland waterways in Europe and other countries.


How we teach:

The training of yacht skipper of IYT school consists of theoretical and practical training.

All courses are held in Russian by a Russian-speaking instructor.

- Theoretical yacht training may be held in two variants, the choice is up to you:

 You may choose the variant of theoretical training, either study in the classroom or on our site online. (Online variant is very comfortable for participants from other regions)

In the classroom we provide group training in the classroom environment. The training is held in week-ends, duration of the course is 30 hours. In this period you will be taught by professional instructors-lecturers, they will reply all your questions and assist you in gaining required information.

Or online from any place worldwide + personal consultations with captain-instructor. You just need to have connection to the web. The course suits both sail and motor training. When coming to practice you repeat received theoretical knowledge every day and in the end of training pass written examinations.




Working scheme
You leave an application
Having processed your application we call you back
We prepare necessary documents
You make payment
The chosen course is opened in AQUATORIA SCHOOL
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Logushkina Victoria
Yacht charter, theoretical and practical yacht training, flotillas and regattas, yacht tours, air tickets, hotels, transfers

Logushkina Galina
Practical training, theoretical training, certification

Tymbaeva Marina
Purchasing and selling of yachts

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I chose a school by chance, searching the net, looking at price, impression from the site, fleet and of course feedbacks! Having made up my mind firstly, I called Yury. After our talk I took a final decision! Yury seemed to be involved in the process and professional so much! And it occurred that this impression was real))) One can seldom meet such professionals that are in love with their business. A separate thankfulness to a steady first mate Galina, who taught us multiple things and was so motherlike and attentive to us))) Two weeks flied by like two days) but were filled with a half year emotions. The result is the license received. Without thinking twice we tested the quality of training, charted a yacht by ourselves already. It occurred we were taught well)))
The main thing is that when we needed help during the charter, Yury lent a hand lightly! We weren’t failed in our need. And it is appreciated doubly!
in three months we are going by ourselves in charter in Croatia again, we’re addicted now)))
Good day, I’d like to thank you and your company for yacht training in Croatia. Me and my son spent time full well with a great benefit for us. A special thanks for a really professional instructor! Thanks to Vasiliy, who justified our expectations totally, we immersed ourselves on the atmosphere of sailing and got our first experience is yacht sailing.
Yura, Galya and of course VIKA
I don’t know what makes me happy more – such amazing people I met or the things I learned!
(oh Lord, I really can handle BIG AND HUGE YACHT and make up a route by myself, though I do not differ from a first try a lighthouse from “hey, it’s a house on the hill”!!) Yur, I realized it only when I came to Moscow and several days have passed. Yes, I know, that there are a lot of things to deliver on, but now I can compartmentalize clearly how I’d berth in marina, mooring or at anchor. That’s why for sure await for me to upgrade.
The information is acquired in a strange way, perhaps it is these days when everything becomes on its place. After these two weeks I realize that I can take my friends for a drive easily, but at the same time I feel great responsibility and that practice and practice one more time is needed.
Of course Croatia is incomparable, especially sea side. I regret that I didn’t sail everywhere and didn’t climb Žut anyhow (notwithstanding that everybody call this island “Jut’’ meaning “chilling”)) I understood too that 31 knots wind is not so scary. Understood that you cannot miss “BEER time”, it’s above all! Do you know, what was the thing to stick in my memory? When we docked to a restaurant’s berth, had our dinner and listened to our yacht’s music cause it was so close. We listened Chizh and others.
And those moments. when we entered marinas, Yura shouted marinas’ workmen: “ Friend, may I stay here?” and showed the place where he wants to stay. It was better any VHF-station)) Fellas, if you only saw that sunsets. When we entered Trogir, SUCK sunset followed us that it felt like to stop and watch it till the end. My emotions come a bit with delay, you admire this all quietly and without emotions, maybe for the people not to think you’re a little fool, but yachting brought into my life something special, and I do not understand so far how to combine it with current daily cares, but I want this more!
And finally a great thanks to a patient Victoria. I asked her about little things many times, but she always replied me with a smile and explained everything in details.
Of course, yachting is great, but the most important is the people who are behind th
Three days ago we returned from Croatia, where we with my wife certified for bareboat skipper. I want to thank Victoria for organization of training and a special thanks to captain Vlad. Thanks to Vlad we not only received necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, but realized the responsibility the captain takes, but also got into the spirit of seaman’s life, romantics of a salt wind. Thank you everyone, we do not say good bye!я!
Do not hesitate. I confess I was hesitating. I learned in another school, didn’t hear anuthing about Aquatoria, no acquaintances could advice me. Who knows, what is really in it. But. The desire to sail, refresh knowledge and skills was awesome, and I had one week only. I was quick and took decision in few days and transferred money. And everything happened! A week that is worth a year.
First of all Yury, because everything starts from the head. Captain-example. Responsibility: thinks about everyone, responsible for everything. At the same time he is not a nuisance at all – a man with a sense of humor. He creates an inviting, but strict atmosphere aboard, where strange people become a team during a week. Yachtsman-racer. He showed how to adjust sails delicately for a yacht to be fastest one. And, what is important, he understands person given his heart to sails. His wife and assistant Galya. Her hands not only create a combination of a sea order with house and home, but are irreplaceable at dockings and turns. Everything matched: good wind, good guys in a team and, even, the breaks that became adventures. Surely I’ll come again.
Do not hesit
I completed the beginner’s course.
I liked it.
Yura is going nice! Tells everything clearly and simply. Not every teacher does like him. Theory combines with practice well and wraps our minds and hands around. Between the lessons he sails on yacht in such beautiful places, that you want to come again. And you become “yacht’addicted”. Yura’s right hand – Galya, whose example draws in other women. It’regret I came without my wife. (There learned two married couples on a yacht together with me, so I advice others) In September I’m going again. At young captains’ regatta. Now with family and friends.
Thanks a lot to Yura and Galya.
I always raise the third drink “to those who are at sea”. Now I will remind you too with good words. Seven feet under keel!!
Vitaly Bessonov
I was training on yacht Vika. Agree with previous posts. Thanks Yury for a cool training, he taught us from morning till night and shared the material in such a way that during this “quick week” he sum it up in, made me feel a real responsible skipper, and told many new things. A special thanks for a yacht. A comfortable, well-groomed boat, I’d sail on it one more time with a great pleasure)
May 2015 Croatia, training, yacht VIKA. To say that it was cool is not to say anything. Individual way to everyone, patiently, clearly, with humor. They unlock you, make you believe in your strength and oh, miracle! you get it!!! Till the end of training a team of rather strange people united so much that we will continue communicating ashore certainly.)) We will go on shipping out with Aquatoria, all the more Yura always has something to teach, it all just begins УРА,УРА, УРАААА!!!!!)
Jura and Aquatoria team! Thank you for training. It was pleasant and interesting. I went to get knowledge – and I did, besides I met interesting people, and I am very glad about it! )))
Yacht VIKA is excellent – groomed and nice. It was very comfortable to learn.
To say shortly everything SUPER – THANK YOU.
Thank you very much for incredible patience and captain’s nerves of steel )) Yury, you are a perfect teacher, I don’t know how you managed to give during 7 days so much for the one who knew about yachting nothing at all. I am very happy that I fortuned to study on behalf of the teacher with a God-given talent and simply an understanding person.
Sea, sail and wind found their way into my heart and I hope to feel this freedom sometime again. Thank you for magnificent havens, breathtaking views and those fancy restaurants )))
Special thanks to the team, it was great, men!!!
Let’s do it again? )