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Corporate events


Our company offers you scrupulous organization of your corporate event.

Corporate event on yacht is one of the most effective ones.

Ordering organization of corporate events customer pursues a few main goals.

1. He would like to pull together the team. Inspire the firm with team spirit.

2. Everybody wants to come close to their clients or partners or suppliers.

3. it’s possible to present own production.

4. Or to encourage employees.


All these tasks are successfully fulfilled on corporate event, in particular on yacht.

“Why?” – You will ask.

1. All participants on yacht are a crew and they work in team. Otherwise they would not be able to win in their amateur contests. This is what the ordering customer wanted - for his office would be a team! Where else if not at sea your team becomes so consolidated working together and staying shoulder to shoulder.

2. Practice proves that if you organize event with staff and clients being on one and the same board they become one friendly team by the end. This is what everybody needs for boosting consumption. Know your client and be his friend.

3. We will undoubtedly find an evening or a morning with all required equipment for holding presentations or officinal events, not saying about atmosphere!

4. What is the best way to encourage your employee? And it’s not about the money. How to give him those unforgettable impressions which he can not afford at any time? This should remain in your client’s memory for long.


Corporate yachting may consists of different services dependently on his aim and participants. We can offer you various corporate packages on the bases of your wishes: if you come with your employees or would like to get along with your partners. These packages may include:

 - Accommodation and travel on yacht


We will select a yacht of a corresponding kind that would match necessities of your group entirely. We offer luxury cruise yachts that combine sailing romantics and comfortable accommodation. Races on such yacht will give much pleasure and hazard even for those who steps on board for the first time.



- Accommodation in hotels


If for some reason you want to stay in hotels and visit yacht only for sailing we offer you variants with staying outside the yacht or combines variants. For example when your employees come with families, wives sometimes stay in hotels with children while they husbands are racing on yachts.

- Flight, transfer, excursions, medical insurance, visa support


We will choose various charter or regular flights, book buses from airport in marinas or hotels and back, offer you excursions, make special medical insurance for yachtsmen and consult you concerning visa arrangement.


- Booking of marinas and restaurants


Very often corporate yachting supposes participation of great number of people and several yachts at once that is why we offer booking of berths in marinas and meals in restaurants in advance.



- Entertaining program


Dependently on your preferences we can offer you services of DJ, show presenter, entertainers, photographer, show-programs fireworks and many others! Besides the main idea is usually racing contests between crews that is why we can offer you professional refereeing.


- Awards, branding corporative


We offer service of prize fund creation (cups, medals, participation certificates) and branding corporative with logo of ordering company (flags and banners on yachts, large banner in the place of event, brand clothes) 

Individual tours

You have been everywhere? Would like to try anything new?


Don’t like beaten trails and want something else?


Look no further!


Yachting will open a new country for you, where you might have been many times but it’s still going to be something that you won’t recognize.


The matter is that tourists come at city by car, stay in hotel then they walk in overcrowded city.


Yachtsmen have a different sort of vacation.


Passageway for us is a part of holiday. I.e. we have a rest during 100% of time. Not wasting time for the journey.


We sail from one city to another. At this moment there is only sea, wind, screaming sea gulls, dolphins around us, it’s not a noise of cars and city. We always can make a stop for swimming, fishing or snack on the way.


Having come at the new city we don’t feel tired from trip, we are not looking for our hotel, we’re already in it. Having come at the new city we don’t accommodate on the outskirts but we do sail on yacht at its quay (quays in all coastal cities are considered to be its center) and stop there feeling jealous and curious glances of passing by.


If we don’t like the city we can come to another without delay. Compare it with resting at hotel: we stay at hotel and go by car with horrendous traffic etc.


What if we don’t need to visit city? Then we make our route without cities and vanity. Great number of restaurants on islands, there is nothing but them. Uncountable wild bays are welcoming us. We don’t have a soft spot for anything. We decide for ourselves…where we want to be…and there we go. Isn’t it the freedom everybody wish about? Night stop under stars in bay with crystal water not spoiled by civilization, dinner on board and swimming under stars – this is what is waiting for you. Where else can you rest the same way?


A few words about children. You can’t imagine how positively this kind of vacation effects on children, they are at sea constantly. Fresh air, healthy food, romantics and adventures – they are overfilled with emotions. This holiday they are going to remember for the rest of their lives! If you come with your family it means that on yacht your family will be a real crew! Children will get used to independence, they do their simple but very responsible tasks.


Yes – this is what you are searching for yourself and your family.


Warning! Having tried this once means it will be hard to rest in other way!

Some people can say: “I may be seasick”.


If you choose correct route between islands there will be almost no swell. You just need to warn us that you are afraid of it. And please don’t compare journey on touristic cater in Egypt with cruise yacht in Croatia. These vessels have a very different construction that is why yachts are less subjected to swell.


You may say: “It’s expensive”.


Let’s put it in this way. It depends on how you organize it and with what you compare.


Everybody remember how much they spent on tour trips. But they forget how much they spent on sun chairs, taxis and excursions. If you sum it up it will become a large check.


You don’t need to pay for this all on yacht. Yacht is your home, beach and excursion at any place. You just need to make a correct route. And in this field we are experts.


You will ask: “What is the best way for vacation on yacht, with whom and where?”


First of all you need to determine the dates. There are different times for comfort vacation in different countries.


Secondly it’s better to gather a group of likeminded people, friends or family before you rent a yacht.


It’s so nice to have a rest with your own group! It’s cheaper and more comfortable.


When you spent much time on yacht surrounded by strange people you face with their principles and norms that sometimes may vary from yours. You may feel uncomfortable or some argues may develop.


The best number – from 4 to 8 people. If your group is more then we recommend to hire a captain.


A fine crew and excellent captain is 90% of successful vacation.


Let’s pass to value.

It’s rather easy to count.

Price of week yacht charter, for example in Croatia per 4-6 persons, is from 1200 euro.

Services of captain cost 1000 euro per week.

Berths in cities approximately 300 euro.

Fuel for yacht 100 euro.

Total sum for yacht is 2600 euro. If there are 6 of you then each pays 430 euro per week. If there are 4 of you each pays 650 euro per week.


Here we chosen average yacht, neither most expensive nor the cheapest, about 3+


Let’s say honestly! It’s not expensive at all.

It’s up to you. Make your choice.

As soon as you take a decision don’t forget to tell us about it!

Our managers will make individual tour for your accounting all details.


You will maintain a whole yacht. You choose time of your tour; you’re not joining a group. Our managers will listen to you very attentively and work out individual tour corresponding your interests to the full extent. You choose rhythm of your vacation: to stay somewhere longer (swim in picturesque lagoon or admire architecture masterpiece) and to pass something on the way.


Individual tour is a possibility to travel the way you want.


You will find variants of your vacation and routes below. These are not all but just a few examples. Your route may be individual and worked out concerning your requirements. 




Our routes
“Sailing expedition to islands of Croatia”
Wonderful route designed for 1 week trip. During “Sailing expedition” you have an opportunity to investigate wild islands, islands with towns-fortresses and Croatia of a different kind.

Sibenik – Zirje isl. – Sali isl. – Veli Rat isl. – Ugljan isl. – Murter isl. – Primosten – Sibenik
Total length: 176.5 n.m.
от 1100 Euro
View details
“Fabulous coast of Croatia”
Amazing route designed for 1 week during which you will immerse oneself in atmosphere of historical “fabulous” Croatia.

Biograd – Pasman – Murter – Skradin – Sibenik – Primosten – Vodice – Biograd
Total length: 130 n.m.
от 1100 Euro
View details
Route: From Sibenik to islands of National Kornati Park.

Sibenik – Zirje isl. (15 n.m.) – Zakan isl. (17 n.m.) – Dugi isl, lake Mir (21 n.m.) – Dugi isl, Brbinj (21 n.m.) – Zut isl. (21 n.m.) – Biograd-na-Moru (20 n.m.) – Sibenik (30 n.m.).

Total length: 145 n.m.
от 1100 Euro
View details
Ours captain
Logushkin Alexey
Logushkin Yury
Murachkovsky Fedor
Adarchenko Sergey
Logushkina Victoria
Savin Alexey
Tatarchuk Dmitry
Ukhin Andrey
Ours client
Jura and Aquatoria team! Thank you for training. It was pleasant and interesting. I went to get knowledge – and I did, besides I met interesting people, and I am very glad about it! )))
Yacht VIKA is excellent – groomed and nice. It was very comfortable to learn.
To say shortly everything SUPER – THANK YOU.!
May 2015 Croatia, training, yacht VIKA. To say that it was cool is not to say anything. Individual way to everyone, patiently, clearly, with humor. They unlock you, make you believe in your strength and oh, miracle! you get it!!! Till the end of training a team of rather strange people united so much that we will continue communicating ashore certainly.)) We will go on shipping out with Aquatoria, all the more Yura always has something to teach, it all just begins УРА,УРА, УРАААА!!!!!)
Yura! Galya! Leha!
I cannot express with words, so thankful we are for that miracle that you gave us – for these 7 days under sail.
I still can’t come to my senses and set everything in order – every night I dream of sailing on a yacht and have sailed all my family already)))) Even competed with Leha on a regatta)))) I tie knots, let go mainsail, slacken jib)))) For me it was unattainable dream, untouchable, that born in my soul when I read Green’s “Red sails” when I was 11 years old, and now it came true! It’s so good you are here! The mussels Galya cooks just don’t let me haunt my mind, Leha’s smiling eyes and captain’s serious frivolity of Yura!
We are very glad that we spent this week with you so fine! I would like to write more, but the wind is still blowing in my head and the sun is glistening in eyes)))
THANK YOU one more time I hope we’ll meet again!!!
You are deep in my heart!!!
We sailed on yacht VIKA last year and now have just returned from charter again – it’s a tale!
Guys, thank you very much for your hardworking and splendid service, you are a real team!))
The yacht is super, spacious and comfortable(now we set bimini and spreyhood, neither rain nor rain might frighten us anymore). All told, we had a lovely vacation, in August we come again!
Received your mail concerning flotilla in October, thank you very much for your proposal!!!!! We cannot join you this time unfortunately, but we do tell our friends about you, maybe somebody will respond!!!!
And we keep reminding Vika and Lesha, send our love to them!!!
We want to meet them in Moscow. Vika is a Super-Skipper, Lesha – so big-hearted!!!
My daughter Sasha and her friend Vera say hello to Lesha!! They too remember how they played Uno and Maphia every night. It was fun.
And though they are not so old, they are nicely brought up, such serious and responsible!!!!
Wanted to call your farther and thank him also for this wonderful team!!!!!!!
We are sure to sail with you again somewhere but other time.
And I will send you photos from this trip.
What a yacht you’ve got……Very fabulous!!!!
Respectfully, Katya
Contacts of our offices
Head office in Chekhov
Russia, MO, Chekhov, Gubernskiy, Zemskaya 16, 2
Смотреть на карте
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance.

It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance.

It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!
Base in Croatia
Obala Rtine 1A, 22213 Pirovac, Croatia
Смотреть на карте
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance.

It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance.

It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!