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The course is deemed as primary.


Training for Bareboat skipper is to be started from this course.


Multiple aspects that further courses do not include are reviewed in this course.


Without completion of this course you won’t receive this required information further on. All courses are going step by step; a previous course is added by the following one.  


Your family and friends who plan to travel with you should complete this course too.


What for should your family and friends complete this course? The matter is that charter companies in many companies do not rent out a yacht if there is only one person aboard with handling experience. For example Greece. If you acquire a skipper’s certificate, but there is no other qualified person in the crew aboard, you won’t be able to charter a yacht. This certificates solves this problem and proves the presence of one more competent crew member.


We would like to add that we always say: “When you are aboard – everything is ok!!! But imagine for a moment…what if anything has happened to you? What is going to be? Who is going to help you and the crew?!”

Competent crew certificate means that the holder of the given qualification has a primary sailing experience. After completion of this theoretical course you need to pass practical training. Theory is studied online; practical part aboard a yacht within a week.


You can combine practice with Bareboat skipper training.

In price included

  • In price included 

  • access to remote section AQUATORIA SCHOOL
  • course materials
  • consultations with captain-instructor
  • training managers support
  • self-testing for checking knowledge and preparation to examinations
  • registration in IYT
  • passing examination
  • Paid additionally:

  • IYT Competent crew certificate
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