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Amalfi  – Procida is. – Ischia is. – Ponza is. – Gaeta


1st day. Saturday.


Participants arrive at Roma or Napoli.

Transfer to Amalfi (300 km, 4 hours’ drive from Roma, 1 hours’ drive from Napoli).

Settlement on yacht. Evening walk in Amalfi.


Amalfi is a small secluded island, attracting guests with its beautiful seaside, covered with orange and lemon gardens.


Narrow streets run down the slope, cutters and yachts make lively noise in small havens, sea air mixes with coffee aroma. Vacation in this region is interesting both for meditative romantics and active people, straining after active research of local sights. Cathedral of St. Andrew the First-called – a monumental building - is considered to be a “visit card” of Amalfi. Built in 9th century, this cathedral survived multiple reconstructions, as a result its exterior and interior includes elements of different architectural styles – Roman, Byzantine, Gothic, Baroque, and Arabic-Norman. St. Andrew the First-called relics are from the most appreciated among Christian sanctuaries.


2nd day. Sunday.

Passage to Procida is. (35 miles, 5 hours).

Anchorage in marina Corricella, walk in the island, dinner in a fishing village.

Procida is a small fishing island with traditional lifestyle, small restaurants with fresh fish, picturesque houses. This island still did not become a touristic place with fashionable hotels and first-class service, though jet-set world famous people can are often seen here. There are wonderful beaches; old towns Сalia and Corricella; district Terra Murata, where preserved medieval houses with gardens, churches and castle; abbacy of St. Michael Archangel, the saint patron of the island, built in the 11th century; castle d’Avalos, former prison. It would be great if this small place would remain the same, as a magic jewel-box keeping its natural beauty.     


3rd day. Monday.

Passage Procida is. – Ischia is.
Sailing on yacht around the island (12 nautical miles, 3 hours).  

Berth in marina Sant Angelo.


Ischia (or “Emerald Island”) is the biggest island of The Gulf of Naples, its square is 46 m2 – a product of hundreds of volcano explosions. Ir received its name because of abundance of pine woods, coloring the scenery. Its highest peak - Mount Epomeo (788 m.) is a real sleeping volcano. The soil of volcanic origin gives rise to the most juicy fruit and fragrant vegetables. Here it is possible to meet chestnuts close to bananas, cyclamens near bilberry, cactuses and cepes. The picturesque mountain road, surrounding the island, connects tiny towns and fishing settlements in the chain, most interesting for a travel.


The island is like a gift of gods, abounding with thermal sources giving beauty and youth. Curative properties of waters of the island were known from oldest times.

Magnificent cosmetics on the basis of thermal water and lemons produced on the island. There located five big thermal parks, practically each hotel has a thermal pool. Except exclusive curative properties, it should be noted also the magnificent sea. Yacht trip around the island will amaze you with the beauty and the exotics –there are places around the island where thermal sources hit directly into the sea.


4th day. Tuesday.


Leisure day on Ischia island: visit of thermals of Aphrodite with volcanic mineral waters, excursion on a bus or a car on Ischia island.

Walk on a mountain-volcano Epomeo.

In the evening entertaining program and dinner with live music with dances in local restaurant.


5th day. Wednesday.

Passage to the island of Ponza (32 miles, 6 hours).

Pontza – is an ancient and mysterious island. When it comes about him, it is difficult to guess what reality is and what a legend is. At the time of Homer the island was called Eea - in honor of the goddess of a morning dawn living here – in Ancient Greek mythology of Eos whom Latinas named Aurora. Pontza is the largest island of the Pontic archipelago considering the territory and the population which is generally concentrated near the Port of Pontza and on the northern site of the island of Le Forna. The local architecture is characteristic of the Mediterranean islands: small houses, flat roofs or with the hidden arch, soft tones in harmony with the environment. Port of Burbons times, his raid, a small portico at the cape Kala Feola on the opposite side of the island with natural reservoirs; beaches Chiaia di Luna, Frontone which are possible to reach only by boat. Capes, bays, rocky ledges form very picturesque panorama.


6th day. Thursday.

Passage to Gaeta (38 miles, 7 hours).


7th day. Friday.

Excursion on the mountain Orlando.

Rest on the cleanest beach and dishes of Italian cuisine – fine end of day! There is one of the holy sites on Orlando - Split mountain (Montagna Spaccata). When Jesus Christ died, in different parts of the world many mountains have broken up. So the mountain of Orlando has broken up into three galleries in one of which there is a Sanctuary. Stone steps lead to the chapel of the 15th century constructed on a block which has got stuck in the place of split of the mountain. Near a chapel remained the print of a hand of the person; it was left when the breed of the mountain was still soft. The entrance has a deepening (bed) where Saint Francesco Neri lived. Numerous pilgrims direct to this place. A sanctuary – is one of Christian shrines. There is the well-known Saracenic grotto in the other break.


8th day. Saturday.

Disembarkation in 10.00.

Transfer to the airport.

Type of tourIndividual rout
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