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Sibenik – Murter – Ugljan – Mali-Losinj – Medulin – Pula - Rovinj – Venice, historical geratta – Ravenna – Cattolica – Ancona - Velo Silo – Sibenik

Total length: 465 n.m.


Route description


1st day. Saturday.

Arrival at the airport, transfer to marine in Sibenik, settling on yachts.

Yachts check in, purchase of food.


Shibenik – is the fine beginning for a travel across Croatia. This city is for the first time mentioned in Dalmatia in 1066, and during its wild history was a part of the Venetian kingdom, exposed to sieges of Turks, under the sway of Austria, France, Italy and Yugoslavia. There remained true masterpieces among buildings 16-17 centuries in the city, such as the Cathedral of St. James included in the list of heritage of UNESCO, Saint Nikolay and Saint Anna's fortress, the building of a city hall.


Sailing off in 15-00. Passage to the island of Murter (22 n.m.)

Mooring in Murter marine.


Murter – is the picturesque island in only 20 meters from the Dalmatian. It is connected with it by a drawbridge. The place is known with its beautiful beaches, but was beloved also by yachtsmen and divers.


2nd day. Sunday.

Sailing off in 11-00. Passage to the island of Ugljan (29 n.m.)

Mooring in Ugljan marine.


Ugljan – is one of the most densely populated islands of Croatia, population of the largest from 8 settlements is 1000 people. All eastern coast is a chain of picturesque bays whereas western is almost uninhabited, with wild, rocky coast.


3rd day. Monday.

Sailing off in 9-00. Passage to the islands of Velopik and Mali-Losinj (41 n.m.).

Mooring in marine of Mali-Losinj.


Mali-Losinj – the city on the island with the same name. At 18-19 centuries the city was one of the most important seaports and the ship-building centers. In the city it is interesting to look at St Martin's Church of the 15th century, Saint Nicholas's church, chapel on the hill and country houses of the Austrian aristocrats.


4th day. Tuesday.

Sailing off in 10-00. Passage to Medulin (30 n.m.)

Mooring in marine.


Medulin – is the fishing city with the population of 1700 people on the bank of the narrow gulf of the Adriatic Sea. The city is in extraordinary picturesque place – the coast which is cut up by bays, grottoes, fjords, scattering of emerald islands.


5th day. Wednesday.

Sailing off in 11-00. Passage to Pula (17 n.m.)


Berth in Pula marine.


Pula – the biggest city of Istria located in a silent bay in the northwest of the peninsula. It is the city with rich history: it has been based by Greeks three thousand years ago what is mentioned in a legend of astronauts, was advanced Roman colony, belonged to Venice, Austria, Napoleonic France and Italy, has departed to Croatia in 1947.


What to see: The Coliseum – the Roman amphitheater of the 1st century AD. The majestic construction has perfectly remained and is one of the biggest amphitheaters in the world. The triumphal arch of Sergius with columns and carved friezes is a part of city gate now. Noteworthy are also Augustus's Temple of the 2nd century BC, the building of the old Town hall which has kept romance style, Franciscan church. And crowns it the Venetian fortress located on the hill in the center of the Old city.


6th day. Thursday.

Sailing off in 14-00. Passage to Rovinj (18 n.m.)

Walk in the city.

Berth in marine.


The small medieval city of Rovinj became one of the most popular resort and the center of elite tourism today. Having walked on marble pavements of the old city, admire the well-known church of St. Evfimiya with the rotating bronze statue on the bell tower, a city Town hall and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, and having been tired of medieval stones have a rest in a cozy public garden or swim on one of nearby islands.


7th day. Friday.

Sailing off in 6-00. Passage to Venice (60 n.m.)

Mooring in a marine of Venice!!!

Evening in the city of all lovers.


8-9th days. Saturday, Sunday.

Leisure days in Venice. Survey of the city.


Venice – the improbable city. Arisen on marshy islands, contrary to the nature and turns of history, the city became the center of the Venetian republic - the bright and powerful state of the Middle Ages. During Renaissance, when beauty was appreciated above all, inhabitants and city authorities have turned Venice into one of the most beautiful cities of the world. 118 islands scattered on a lagoon connected by bridges and crossings have turned a pearl of the Mediterranean Sea – all city and a lagoon are entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO.


Obligatory points of the program for those who is for the first time in the city: Central square and St. Mark's Basilica, Palace of Doges, Old library of San Marco, palaces. For the others – time to walk slowly on bridges and streets, having slightly curtailed from the main tourist routes to understand why beauty is appreciated above all in Renaissance.


10th day. Monday.

Sailing off  in 8-00, passage to Ravenna (Porto Corsini, Marina di Ravenna) (60 n.m)

Mooring in Ravenna marine.


Ravenna - very interesting city, rich with monuments of early Christian and Byzantine architecture, among which are The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, baptistery of Orthodox Christians and baptistery of Arians, Sant’Apollinare Nuovo and San Vitale basilicas, Theoderic palace, Dante's grave. Theoderic mausoleum and basilicaof Sant'-Apollinare-in-Classe are also interesting to visit.


11th day. Tuesday.

Sailing off in 10-00, passage to Cattolica (37 n.m.)

Mooring in a marine of Rimini.


Cattolica - the resort on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The city was formed as a stop by the pilgrim, and then became the large tourist center. It is not so noisy as the next Rimini, with a set of gardens and squares and the cleanest beaches. There is a Le Navi theme park ("Le Navi") – the system of aquariums where a set of types of sea fauna exhibited, there are also exhibits narrating about history of navigation and piracy presented.


12th day. Wednesday.

Sailing off in 9-00, passage to Ancona (42 n. m.)

Mooring in Ancona marine.


Ancona – the capital the Province of Marche, the area located between the Adriatic coast and the Apennines.


All sights of old Ancona are concentrated on Monte Guasco hill. There is Pyazza della Repubblica at the bottom of the hill. If you go further down Via della Loggia it is possible to reach the building of the market of Loggia dei Mercanti (XV) constructed in Gothic style and decorated with four statues symbolizing Hope, Force, Moderation and Mercy. Romance church Santa Maria della Piazza is very attractive; its facade represents fantasy from "blind" windows, and doors are covered with a carving with the image of human figures and birds.


13th day. Thursday.

Sailing off in 4-00. Passage to Velo Silo (73 n. m.)

Anchorage around Velo Silo.


The island for anchor mooring after transition from Italy. The beautiful, quiet place with a heap of small islands where it is possible to come to anchor, to have a rest from transition and will enjoy the nature. It is a lot of small lonely beaches.


14th day. Friday.

Sailing off in 10-00, passage to Sibenik, 35 n.m.

Mooring in Sibenik's marine.


15th day. Saturday.

Yacht check-out till 9:00.

Transfer at the airport.


Type of tourIndividual rout
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