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French and Italian Riviera: Castiglioncello – Pisa -  La Spezia -  Rapallo – Imperia – Menton – Cannes – San Remo – Genoa – Porto-Venere – Castiglioncello. Possible visit on Corsica island.

Total length: 450 n.m.


The program unites the most famous and picturesque places of Mediterranean – Cote d’Azur and Italian Riviera. List of the towns sounds like music:  Pisa, La Spezia, Cannes, San Remo, Genoa…This is one of the programs where madams’ high-heeled shoes and dresses will be of use, men will gain revenge during the passage to Corsica.


Route description.

1st day. Saturday. Castiglioncello.

Arrival, transfer to marina, settlement on yachts.

Passage to Marina-di-Pisa (15 miles).

Docking in marina.

Castiglioncello is a small Italian town on a cliffy cape with amazingly clear sea. The town is surrounded with pine and oak forests, picturesque hills that steep and fall down, forming cliffs, small creeks and cozy bays with charming beaches.


2nd day. Sunday. Marina di Pisa.

Day berthage in marina.

Trip to Pisa. Sightseeing.

Berthage in marina.

Pisa is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful and interesting Italian towns. In Middle Ages it was a rival of mighty Genoa in fight for trade ways in Mediterranean.


 Archeologists discovered the remnants of ancient ships and dock in Pisa, confirming the reputation of the town as one the most powerful sea ports of Emperor Roma epoch. Buildings of cathedral complex on Piazza dei Miracoli  - “Square of wonders” suggest “golden age” of sea republic. The famous Leaning tower of Pisa, Duomo cathedral with famous statue “Saint Maria” by Giovanni Pisano, Camposanto cementry.

Baptistery is one of the greatest Italian gothic sculpture masterpieces.    


3rd day. Monday. Portovenere.

Sailing off in 10.00.

Passage to Portovenere (28 miles).

Evening in the town. Docking in marina.

Portovenere  - “Port of Venus” is a typical middle-aged town. It if first mentioned in 6th century BC. Its origin is connected with the legend that it is here Venus was born and came ashore out of sea foam. Its nature amazes with amenity, the town in its turn with tight rows of old houses, towers and temples.


4th day. Tuesday. Portofino, Genoa.

Sailing off in 09.00.

Passage to Genoa (45 miles).

On the way – visit to Portofino.   

Night stay in marina Portofino.


Portofino is situated in a small bay that considered being one of the most beautiful places in the world. Houses and villas, reflected in water, surrounded with olive trees and palms. In summertime there is an obedient row of white yachts in the port, emphasizing elite caste. Local people say: “each our window costs a million euro”. Portofino is really a Hollywood stars’ beloved place, they buy villas here very extensively.


From Portofino bay you may rise by foot on a steep cliff at the lighthouse on Punta del Capo, then visit the church Saint Giorgio of 12th century and explore bastion Saint Giorgio, that was built in 1600.   


5th day. Wednesday. Pietra Ligure.

In the morning – sightseeing in Portofino.

Sailing off in 12.00.

Passage to Pietra Ligure (28 miles).

Pietra Ligure is an ancient town on the hill, a prestigious resort now. There is a wonderful quay and pedestrian center where one may spend time enjoying with the walk, resting in one of the numerous bars, meet cultural and historical monuments.

The historical center Pietra Ligure, Saint Nikolai church, Bianca chapel, Pietra castle.


6th day. Imperia.

Walk in the evening town.

Sailing off in 12.00. Passage to Imperia (20 miles).

On the way stop for swimming and dinner.

Berthage in Imperia marina.


7th day. Friday. Menton.

Sailing off in 10.00.

Passage to the most beautiful French city – Menton (25 miles).


Berthage in marina.

Menton is a special place in France, where you may rest after the mode of Italy. This town was founded almost on the edge with Italy, so it differs from other similar resorts with its mild climate. A more modern district, especially beloved by European Aristocracy at the turn of the century, is famous with its luxury beaches and gardens. Val Rahmeh Garden and Park du Colombier are especially known among them.

Those who eager to sightseeing, may visit old part of the town, its center – Saint Michelle church with Grimaldi emblem in the, made of mosaic. And, of course. the main temple of the town.


8th day. Saturday. Cannes.

Passage to Сannes (28 miles).

On the way – visit in Monaco and Nice.

Berthage in Cannes marina.

Cannes – is a legend, a tale where everyone wishes to be: famous film festival, Promenade de la Croisette, famous people and millionaires, expensive yachts, hotels, cars and shops. They say that even sea here smells with Chanel #5. Besides, Cannes is a wonderful place for vacation: 300 sunny days in year, golden sand, atmosphere of everlasting summer and charming city.

After visit at Palais des Festivals and promenade, walk at Le Suquet square on the hill, watch Castre castle built in 12th century and Saint Michael church, feel maritime spirit in port Saint Pierre.

For those who is interested in legend of Cannes – unordinary book of Paulo Coelho “The winner stands alone”. 


9th day. Sunday. Monaco, Nice.

Leisure day in Cannes.

Excursion on train in Nice and Monaco.

Nice was founded by ancient Greeks in 5th century BC and received its name after goddess of victory Nike. The town is really magnificent – English boulevard and narrow streets of Old town, cozy cafes and restaurants, bright sun, blue sky, warm soft sea… It is one of the most beautiful places in France that became Mecca for English, French and Russian aristocracy and inspired great writers and painters: Dumas, Nietzsche, Apollinaire, Flaubert, Hugo, George Sand, Stendhal, Chateaubriand, Matisse, Chagall, Rodin – are just few from the list. We also submit to the town, walking on famous English promenade, exploring museums of Matisse and Chagall, rising on a castle’s hill Chateau to see town panorama and enjoy the sunset.


The Principality of Monaco is one the smallest statements on the Earth. Two square kilometers of blessed earth, recovered from rocks and washed by sea, became the biggest tourist center. The reason is simple – here one can find everything. Amazing architecture of medieval city, Palace of Principality, parks and beaches, Japanese garden, huge market and shopping centers.

But still Monte Carlo is famous with three things. Formula-1 races, that takes place on the streets of the city. Casino-du-Monte-Carlo – the first gambling house in Europe and one of the oldest and respectable playing houses on the planet, from where term “casino” originated. And of course vibrant night life, “turning” around multiple restaurants with night shows, discos and clubs – there are hundreds of them here, and each has its own unique image.


10th day. Monday. Passage to Corsica.

Sailing off in 01.00 a.m., passage to Corsica (100 miles).

Docking in marina Calvi.   

Corsica island is a unique combination of nature and history. Mountains, the result of weird combination of geologic shifts and erosion, now present sharp peaks, blinding snow-white slopes, stone piers, board amphitheaters, spurs, green passages. And a whole world of lakes, mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers full of trout. Corsica is interesting in historical meaning too. Ancient towns and citadels keep memory about multiple Roman, Byzantine, Spanish, English and Genoa conquerors. The island joined France in 18th century only.


11th day. Tuesday. Saint-Florent.

Sailing in 11.00.

Passage to Saint-Florent (28 miles).

Docking in marina.


Saint-Florent, located on the cape, penetrating in gulf, is especially attractive for yachtsmen. The town is situated on the place of antique settlement, in 1 km from Roman Nebbio.

In the 12th century Pisans built cathedral on the territory of Roman town. Nearby, surrounded by trees and gardens, stands Holy Assumption Cathedral Church.


12th day. Wednesday. Macinaggio 

Sailing off in 10.00.

Passage to Macinaggio (28 miles).

Macinaggio. About glorious past of Macinaggio tell ruins of numerous beautiful buildings: three desolate castles, towers, churches, monumental tombs and expensive private houses. Towers Quercioli and Bettolacce the same as rising west tower Barbra da Mare won’t allow you stay indifferent. Built in 16yj century Cap Corse towers were used mostly for maritime observation and protection of coastline.


13th day. Thursday. Elba.

Passage to Elba island (35 miles).

Docking in Marciana-marina.

Elba is the biggest island of Tuscan archipelago, included in National park. Coastline of the island stretches on 147 km, it is winding and picturesque, mountain slopes are covered with mound of different colors  - red, blue, black. Iron ore was mined here, that made the island famous in antique time yet.    

Marciana Marina – is a quiet haven with accurate houses and pines, going down to the sea.

Walk on the promenade from old dock and tower, built by Pisans in the 12th century, turn on one of the small streets with shops and restaurants, feel the magnificent atmosphere.


14th day. Friday. Castiglioncello.

Sailing off in 10.00.

Finishing passage in Castiglioncello. (37 miles).

Evening in the town.


15th day. Saturday.

Disembarkation before 09.00. Transfer to the airport.         

Type of tourIndividual rout
CountryFrance- Italy
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