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  • Outbound marina
    Moscow. office
  • Period
    2 days
  • Yacht
    Sun Odyssey 54 DS
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If you upgrade qualification of yacht handling up to level Yachtmaster Coastal and higher you are to pass first medical aid and actions in emergency situations course. The given course is passed during 2 days off and after its completion certificate is issued.

Besides theoretical knowledge, you gain and master practical skills, trained on modern manikins. Numerous real life situations are simulated and reviewed at the lessons. At the end of the course situation role playing games are held.

The program complies international standards of Red Cross entirely and approved by Emergency Situation Ministry and Ministry of Health. After completion first aid course listeners hold international certificate that enables render first aid on entire territory where First Aid of Red Cross standard is applied, i.e. numerous countries of world community.

We offer training in Moscow in First Aid School. You can also find similar courses in your city.

You can get detailed information on the phone


Training First aid and actions in emergency situations lasts 2 full days.


09-40 to 10-00 Registration, payment, administrative issues.

If you are late or cannot come at training please inform in advance.

10-00 Start of training

About 13-00 – 15-00 1 hour break (precise time is appointed by the group at the beginning of the day)

19-00 latest time when training day is over

During training coffee breaks are made (tea, coffee, sugar, cups and boiled water provided by us)

Group from 8 to 16 persons.

We kindly ask you to understand that if there are less than 6 persons came for training – training is not placed.

We gather the group in advance from 10 persons minimum. Though it happens very seldom but sometimes it occurs that from 8-10 persons who confirmed their participation in Friday, less than 6 persons come in Saturday.   

At the same time if you will not inform us in advance that there will be one more person with you and number of passing the course is more than 16 – instructor has a right not to permit unregistered person to pass training First aid and actions in emergency situations.

International certificate is issued for all who is older 18 years, passed the course entirely (100%) and passed theoretical test and practical training successfully. The license will be given at once (if there is no technical problems) after completion of the course (providing all documents of participant were received: copy of passport, photo 3x4 (electronic variant is allowed), application form and examination paper.

Type of tourTraining
Outbound marinaMoscow. office
Period2 days
YachtSun Odyssey 54 DS
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