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  • Outbound marina
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    Sun Odyssey 54 DS
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    1 adult shares ½ DBL
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  •  This is a training course to prepare experienced sailors to become IYT recreational instructors at all levels up to Yachtmaster Offshore. It is designed to ensure that new Instructors are familiar with all aspects of the IYT training scheme and have the ability to train their students the way IYT require.
  •  Based on continuous coaching the course aims to enthuse and arm IYT instructors with valuable teaching skills that will greatly benefit their future careers and enhance the reputation of the IYT Worldwide partners schools they are associated with. 
  •  It is conducted under the guidance of John Goode, IYT Chief Examiner (Europe) who is a down-to-earth mariner with a great sense of humour and renowned for his 'plain language' teaching methods. After going to sea under sail at the age of 12 and becoming a Chief Officer in the merchant navy he ran his own sea training school (sail & power) for 30 years – passing on his innovative navigation and seamanship skills to many thousands of sailors. His training techniques and enthusiasm to help fellow yachtsmen have earned him worldwide recognition and a Fellowship of the Royal Institute of Navigation.  
  •  Successful completion of this course almost always guarantees that the subsequent online application to IYT to become an “IYT Recreational Instructor” will be approved – see bottom of page for details. 



  •  Applications to attend the course should be made to our training centre – not to IYT.



  •  All applicants must have an personal IYT account ID number. 
  •  Although previous IYT qualifications are desirable, the course is open to anyone who has the minimum seatime required of an instructor (see IYT website for different levels) and have the practical ability and theoretical knowledge of at least that required for the level of IYT courses they wish to teach.
  • To benefit fully from the course – which focuses on Instructor training techniques – participants are advised to revise their maritime knowledge before attending.



  •  5 days from Monday to Friday from 09:00–18:00 every day. The 1st and 5th days are classroom based. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th days take place on our yacht.
  •  The course requires 100% attendance.



  •  Maximum of only 4 candidates ensures everyone receives individual attention and the full benefit of the course trainers time.  



  •  Candidates will be individually debriefed. Those who are successful are advised the highest level of IYT course they have been assessed as competent to teach.  
  •  A pdf down-loadable “Instructor Training Course Completion Certificate” showing that level the will appear in the candidates personal IYT account profile.




  •  Instructor Training Course graduates can log in to the IYT website using their IYT account ID number to complete the instructor application. This will require a documented record of seatime and copies of Medical forms, Sea Survival & VHF certificates, etc, to be downloaded.   
  •  After a satisfactory check of these documents, and taking into account the level achieved on the Instructor Training Course, instructors will receive a credit-card-sized plastic “IYT Recreational Instructor Certificate” valid for 5 years. A fee for this 5 year certificate will be charged.
  •  They will also receive an “Official Instructor Membership Letter” valid for 1 year listing the courses they are approved to instruct. An Instructor membership fee is payable annually and must be maintained in order to remain qualified to instruct and place orders for student certificates.
  •  Although candidates do not have to be associated with a school when they take the Instructor Training Course –  because IYT does not allow freelance instructors they must be associated with a school when making their online application to IYT for their “IYT Recreational Instructor Certificate”.


From the moment of booking the Instructor Training Course we will give you full support. If you have any questions, please write to us: 

In price included

Payment for practical course includes:

  •  qualified skipper-instructor’s service
  •  accommodation in double cabin – 1 place in double cabin
  •  2 days of theoretical lessons in the classroom
  •  3 days of practical lessons on the yacht
  •  training on the program Course IYT Instructor sail
  •  comfort pack
  •  fuel

Mandatory fees:

  • tourist tax 7 euro per person in a week
  • purchase of food on a yacht
  • Expenses for meal are shared proportionally around yacht crew (except captain) and paid additionally in the place of stay. Average cost is from 80 to 100 euro per person in a week.


Additional expenses

  •  theoretical course
  •  extended medical insurance for yachtsmen – from 16 euro
  •  visa support
  •  transfer “airport-marina-airport”
  •  air tickets
  •  after successful examination – issuing of certificate

Sun Odyssey 54 DS (54 foot / 16.75 m2 ) – 4+1 cabins (4 cabins with double bed, 1 cabin for a captain), shower/heads in every cabin. Built in 2006, renovated in 2014.

It is a large and comfortable yacht of a French dock yard that combines classic beauty and interior ergonomics with wonderful cruise yacht performance.

The yacht is equipped with air conditioner, generator (steady electricity on board), TV in mess room, dinghy with outboard engine, full-fledged galley (cooking stove, oven, fridge, sink, dishes), sun deck-chairs and equipment for snorkelling and fishing. There is Wi-Fi aboard.

схема лодки
IMG_5570 SO54DS_Vika_ext 10
SO54DS_Vika_int 14 SO54DS_Vika_int 1





Course description


Instructor course is held by Chief instructor, whose candidature was approved by IYT as a specialist in the field of instructor preparation. The course includes communicative skills, practical skills of yachting, teambuilding methods, teaching styles, development and usage of teaching means, duty of care, roles and responsibilities of instructor/examiner and personal presentation, manners and attitudes.


IYT Chief Examiner Mr. John Goode presents on the lessons at all times.


Course description on IYT site:




Type of tourTraining
Outbound marinaPirovac
YachtSun Odyssey 54 DS
Accomodation1 adult shares ½ DBL
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