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Turkey seaside and Nothern Cyprus: Marmaris – Antalya – Similie – Alanya – Gazipaşa – Kyrenia, Cyprus – Finike – Kas – Kalkan – Oludeniz – Ekincik – Marmaris

Total length: 600 n.m.


Route description


1st day. Saturday.

START from Marmaris in 14-00.

Passage to Antalya. (140 miles about 20 h)


2nd day. Sunday.

Arrival in Antalya. Mooring in marine, meeting with crew.

Survey of the city.

Parking in marine of Antalya.


Rare chance to see this city without crowds of the Russian tourists, to take a walk in the Old city, to admire the well-known minaret and the old mosque, to glance to the Karaali park.


3rd day. Monday.

Sailing off in 10-00. Passage to Similie (40 miles).

Mooring in Semiliye's marine.


Similie – the small cozy small village beloved by yachtsmen as the comfortable parking on the coast of Antalya.


4th day. Tuesday.

Sailing off in 10-00. Passage to Alanya (33 miles).

Mooring in Alanya marine.


Alanya is well-known for the Byzantine fortress which surrounds the city. Its walls are 7 kilometer high; there are 50 towers in the ofrtress. The best-known of towers is Red – the hallmark of the city.


5th day. Wednesday.

Sailing off in 12-00. Passage to Gazipasa (22 miles).

Mooring in marine.


6th day. Thursday.

Sailing off in 05-00. Passage to island of Cyprus (72 miles).

Walk on the city, survey of the harbor and fortress.

The parking in marine.


Kyrenia – one of the best-known cities of Northern Cyprus. The wonderful old harbor, monumental fortress, the azure sea, white yachts, tile roofs of houses and minarets against the background of majestic mountains.

Surely go at the Museum of ship-wreck in which the ship of times of Alexander the Great lifted from a seabed is stored.


7ер day. Friday

Survey of the island.


Northern Cyprus is a ghost-state, recognized only by one country – Turkey. It is more difficult to get to a northern part of the island. There are less tourists here, and the atmosphere is unique: antiquity, times of crusaders, Greek, peculiar Cyprian and Turkish cultures.


Northern Cyprus is famous for the most beautiful beaches and historical sights. There is Saint Hilarion castle highly in mountains, it is possible to reach it only by car, but rise on the top of the castle will be remembered for a long time.


There is the temple Antifonidis (the Lord's Echo) in 20 min drive from Kyrenia. Its walls keep frescos of 10-11 centuries.

Abbey of Bellapons - the real Gothic miracle located in 10 minutes of driving from the downtown of Kyrenia.

The town of Famagusta with a set of historical monuments, the most known of which - Kastello's citadel with Othello's tower. That which has strangled Desdemona as envisioned by Shakespeare.


8th day. Saturday

Sailing off in 11-00. Passage of 157 miles to Finike.

Day and night in the sea.


9th day. Sunday

Arrival in Finike.

The parking in Finike marine.


10th day. Monday

Sailing off in 10-00 on Kas (38 miles).

Evening walk on the city of Kas: old city, port, shopping.

Dinner at one of restaurants of the city.

The parking in Kas marine.


Kas it is especially good in the evening when it puts the lights on – lamps on the embankment, parking fires of the yachts, street shops, houses and restaurants hanging over water.


11th day. Tuesday

Sailing off in 10-00. Passage to Kalkan (17 miles).

Mooring in marine in Kalkan.


12th day. Wednesday

Sailing off in 10-00. Passage to Oludeniz (29 miles).

Survey. Excursion to fortress Gemiler.

Anchor mooring in the region of Oludeniz.


Oludeniz – the hallmark of Turkey coast called Turquoise. The wonderful view of the well-known snow-white beach with azure water opens both from yacht and the mountains, on one of which there is an ancient city of Gemiler.


13th day. Thursday

Sailing off in 09-00. Passage to Ekincik (35 miles).

Mooring in May marine. Ekincik.


14th day. Friday

Sailing off in 10-00. Passage to Marmaris (20 miles). Finish!!


Located on the bank of the gulf similar to the huge fjord, Marmaris – one of the most attractive resorts of Turkey. Lying on border of two seas, protected from a wave and winds, the city attracts yachtsmen from all the world.

The oldest part of the city - the pedestrian zone, with the remarkable market, picturesque bridges, pig-iron lamps, narrow small streets, tile roofs, paved roads, abundance of greens and flowers where picturesque owners of restaurants and cafe in eager rivalry invite. The unforgettable pleasure – to walk along the harbor, to admire the gulf and the ships – from thirty-foot yachts to ocean liners.


15th day. Saturday

Yachts check-out.

Transfer to the airport.

Type of tourIndividual rout
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