In this section you can choose and rent a yacht in international search system or you can have a look at our fleet based in Croatia. We offer a wide choice for charter of sailing and power yachts bareboat, yacht charter with captain is possible as well. We work without extra charges – our prices are the same as prices of yacht rental through charter company directly, it’s charter company that pays us for our work. All discounts are presented to the full extent!


Why should you rent a yacht through the company?

  • Quality. We will find a boat considering your preferences with the best combination of price and quality at reliable partners checked by years of cooperation.
  • Convenience. Our managers are always in touch and you will not face with language barrier when booking and clearing the details. You can book a boat not leaving your home.
  • Guarantee. You pay in Russian company, not abroad, and you are protected by laws of RF. We award contracts and arrange payment through bank. In case any disputes or disagreements it’s easy to connect with us and we will help and bring about solution to the dispute shortly.    
  • Support. In case any question appears abroad, our managers will always help you to solve issues with host side.


1. Company.

First of all you need to realize your expectations from vacation and what your company to be like. It is possible to feel the sea and to train handling between friends on a yacht of any size: from 30-foot 3 cabin yachts for a small company till 50-foots taken aboard till 10 persons. If it is a romantic trip for the two, small 2-cabin yacht will do well. If you need maximum comfort for any company – you are likely to sail on a twin-hulled yacht – catamaran. Catamaran is appropriate also for those who are afraid to be seasick – there is nearly no swell and heel on it while sailing.

Planning individual tour one should remember that if you hire a captain he needs a separate cabin.    


2. Comfort

Organization of living space creates all conditions for comfort stay on any yacht. Larger company is not only more quests on board but determines comfort level. Quality frontier for a 40-foot yacht that means a comfortable interior planning is a cosy galley along board, comfortable saloon, great number of boxes and shelves, multiple illuminators and hatches providing proper lightning and ventilation, spacious cockpit on deck. Such yachts also have huge fresh water and fuel capacity. Yachts from 47-foot are like sailing hotels – spacious cabins, places on upper deck equipped with sun deck-chairs,  separated zones in mess room etc.

Mentioned above is actual for chartered yachts. But there are also so called Owner planning variants. Such yachts are made for maximum comfort of owners and distinct with master-cabin: they take a forebody in yachts and whole float. That is why if you choose maximum comfort and have what it takes – than these variants are for you.


3. Rapidity.

If your route supposes many passages it’s better to choose a high speed yacht. Speed of mono-hull vessel depends on length rather than wind or engine power: small charter yacht won’t make more than 5 knots (9-9.5 km/h), yet cruise speed of a 43-45-footed is about 7 knots (13 km/h). Twin-hulled catamarans do not depend on hull’s length much – they slide the wave with floats, decreasing water resistance and increasing speed. Yacht manufacturers Dufour, Jeanneau and Beneteau are traditionally differ with their rapidity in category of charter yachts among mono-hulled and Catana among catamarans.


4. Price.

Factors that influence the price of the boat are few:

First of all, region. One and the same yacht may vary in cost greatly depending on the region. The most reasonable regions with permanently high service remain Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. Russian tourists have taken fancy to the last one and so the prices for yachts and catamarans are a bit higher now, but they are still acceptable, and service in Turkish marinas is sometimes much better than in Greece for example.

Seasonality. In high season prices may increase up to 50%, and yachts are booked six months in advance. In every region the best weather conditions for the tour have their periods, so you can find a variant to your taste in any time of the year.

Yacht manufacturer. The most acceptable yachts are Bavaria and Hanse, optimal proportion of comfort, speed and price have manufacturers Dufour, Beneteau. Catamarans Nautitech are always delightful, catamarans Catana and Leopard are considered to be exclusive by charter agencies who almost double the price sometimes.

5. Date of construction and renovation influence charter price too and your comfortable stay aboard.