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I want to express gratitude to “Aquatoria” staff! Extended thanks to you for everything! For preparation, organization, leisure time that ingrained in memory. Unforgettable impressions from communication with positive people and professionals in their field, enamored with sea, wind and sails…You inspire many ones. Share your knowledge and pass your experience…Truly lend soul to this…Thank you!
Yachting Forever!!!
May 2015 Croatia, training, yacht VIKA. To say that it was cool is not to say anything. Individual way to everyone, patiently, clearly, with humor. They unlock you, make you believe in your strength and oh, miracle! you get it!!! Till the end of training a team of rather strange people united so much that we will continue communicating ashore certainly.)) We will go on shipping out with Aquatoria, all the more Yura always has something to teach, it all just begins УРА,УРА, УРАААА!!!!!))))
Yura! Galya! Leha!
I cannot express with words, so thankful we are for that miracle that you gave us – for these 7 days under sail.
I still can’t come to my senses and set everything in order – every night I dream of sailing on a yacht and have sailed all my family already)))) Even competed with Leha on a regatta)))) I tie knots, let go mainsail, slacken jib)))) For me it was unattainable dream, untouchable, that born in my soul when I read Green’s “Red sails” when I was 11 years old, and now it came true! It’s so good you are here! The mussels Galya cooks just don’t let me haunt my mind, Leha’s smiling eyes and captain’s serious frivolity of Yura!
We are very glad that we spent this week with you so fine! I would like to write more, but the wind is still blowing in my head and the sun is glistening in eyes)))
THANK YOU one more time I hope we’ll meet again!!!
You are deep in my heart!!!