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    Kornati, Biograd-na-Moru
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Completion of the course Bareboat skipper allows passing to practical lessons and to hold skipper’s license. Skipper’s license opens an opportunity to handle sailing and power vessels till 78 foot/24 meters in coastal zone till 20 miles offshore in daytime and favour weather conditions. Licenses of IYT school are accepted in charter companies in the majority of the countries of the world. Age limit for holding bareboat skipper’s license is 18 years.


Theoretical yacht training is set online. We add you to the system and you study theoretical course. You can try testing multiple times to check your knowledge, once you score required points you are ready for practice.


Also we provide all necessary material. If you have any questions you can communicate or appoint a meeting with instructor in our office.


What are advantages of training online?


  • you study the material when and where it is convenient for you. Applicants for skipper’s license are commonly adult working people. They do not always have an opportunity to attend lessons in the classroom, but they can study individually indeed and reveal a scrupulous approach to acquiring of knowledge. Moreover many participants live in other regions and often there are no yachting schools presented in their cities.   


  • within the course we offer not just lessons online, but personal seminars with instructor as well. Studying the bareboat’s material some questions or misunderstandings of some aspects may appear, that is why we offer you to meet with captain-instructor to make it all clear. You won’t be left all alone with the material! Even if you are in other region, you always can connect with the captain by any means convenient for you.


  • you do not depend on the group. You mustn’t wait group’s formation – you can start the course at any moment.


IMPORTANT! License issued only after completion of theoretical and practical courses and passing examinations.

In price included

In price included

  • remote online learning of Bareboat skipper program
  • online materials: presentations, books, video materials
  • consultations with captain-instructor
  • training managers support
  • self-testing for checking knowledge and preparation to examinations
  • registration in IYT
  • passing examination (aboard after practical course)

Paid additionally:

- practical course

- Bareboat skipper certificate + VHF operator



Theoretical course program:

  1. Introduction in yachting
  2. Safety instructions
  3. Safety equipment
  4. Marine terminology
  5. Headings at sea
  6. Rope work
  7. Meteorology
  8. Pilotage
  9. Handling of a vessel
  10. Introduction in sails’ handling
  11. Captain/skipper’s responsibility
  12. Tides and currents
  13. Chart work
  14. COLREGS-72
  15. Navigation
  16. Dingy
  17. Vessel’s check-in
  18. First aid
  19. VHF operator certificate
Type of tourTraining
Outbound marinaKornati, Biograd-na-Moru
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