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Follonica, Porto Azzurro, Elba is. - Giglio – Pianosa – Capraia - Marciana Marina – Elba - Campo nell'Elba – Follonica.

Total length: 155 nautical miles.


1st day. Saturday.

Arrival at the airport, transfer to marina in Follonica.

Settlement on yachts. Yacht check in, purchase of food.

Start in 14-00. Passage to Elba is. (16 miles).

Berth in marina Porto Azzurro

Porto Azzurro is located in the gulf of Mola on East coast of Elba. Once the town was notorious for the fortress of Longone that served as prison, now it is a well-known resort. It is interesting to visit the Temple of Madonna del Monserrato, the Spanish church Cuore Immacolato di Maria. There is a Tiny mine recreating process of extraction of ore in kilometer only.

2nd day. Sunday.

Sailing off in 11.00. Passage to Pianosa (23 miles).

Docking in marina Pianosa.

Isola di Pianosa – the small island in 7 miles from Elba. It is the only island of the archipelago that has no mountains on it, but its beaches are remarkable – both stony and sandy, the best-known of them is Cala Giovanny.

The island was inhabited in prehistoric times, was in the grasp of Romans and a prize in fight between Pisa and Genoa for convenient maritime trade routes. A wreck of the Roman country house, theater and catacombs evidence of an old story of the island.

Those who wish can go to Monte Cristo island.

Transition of Elba-Monte Cristo-Pianosa - 45 miles.

Isola di Montecristo – is a real legend. In the 11th century the monks running from oppressions have founded the monastery, and legends of the fantastic riches hidden behind his walls have soon started walking. In 1534 the gang of the Algerian pirates has committed impudent robbery, but, of course, haven't found treasures. The island became a shelter of smugglers, and have begun to compose already new legends about piracy treasures.

At the beginning of 19 century. The island has been redeemed and became a private property, access here for has been allowed only the little thanks to what the unique nature has remained here, and increased greatly by efforts of the owners who are fond of botany.

Now access to the island is still closed for tourists that does it more mysterious and attracts not only admirers of Dantes and the abbot Faria, but also seekers of treasures. 

3rd day. Monday.

Sailing off in 10.00. Passage to Bastia, Corsica (33 miles)

Docking in marina. Evening walk on the island.

Lively Bastia (Bastia) — one of the oldest and beautiful cities of the island and all Mediterranean.

Local churches and cathedrals are remarkable with their architecture: Saint church of Maria or chapel of the Sacred Cut, Saint Jean-Baptiste's cathedral. There is a citadel the Terra Nova near the harbor; behind its double gate you will find a Palace of governors with the ethnographic museum of Corsica and old Genoa prison.

4th day. Tuesday.

Leisure day on Corsica.

On Corsica everyone will find what he prefers:

The Genoa fortresses in Bastia, Calvi and Bonifacio. Бонифачо

The town of Saint-Florent is famous for vibrant night life, restaurants and shops.

It will be interesting to fans of history to visit the prehistoric Filitosa park with dolmens and menhirs.

East Corsica is remarkable with chestnut groves. There is a beautiful natural reserve Buguglia, in Aleria's reservoirs they farm mussels and oysters.

Gourmets will be pleased with original kitchen of the island.

5th day. Wednesday.

Sailing off in 10.00. Passage to Capraia (30 miles).

Docking in marina of Capraia is.

Visit to a National park.

Isola di Capraia – as many other islands it was colony and it looks not too friendly – the abrupt rock with unapproachable coast, however the island meets you with aroma of flowers and spices. The island is a result of a volcanic eruption, but gloomy rocks adjoin to flower fields, thickets of a heather and myrtle. It is possible to estimate beauty of the island from top of the mountain Monte Castello (450 m) or having swept astride. For fans of architecture – a chapel Chiesa dell Assunta who is towering over port, and perfectly preserved San Giorgio's fortress with five towers.

6th day.  Thursday.

Sailing off in 12.00. Passage at Elba is. (25 n.m.)

Docking in marina Marciana – marina of Elba.

Marciana Marina – the smooth and hospitable haven with the accurate lodges and pines that are going down directly to the sea.

Walk on the promenade from old pier of Kottone to the Saracen Tower constructed by Pizants in the 12th century, turn to one of small streets with shops and restaurants, feel the wonderful atmosphere of the ancient city.

In 20 kilometers from Marchiana-Marina there is a town of San-Martino where Napoleon lived in exile, and the country house where he lived, preserved up to nowadays.

7th day. Satudray.

Disembarkation till 9.00

Transfer to the airport.

Type of tourIndividual rout
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