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Lavrio – Anavyssos Palea-Fokea – Idra – Poros – Methana – Aegina – Athens – Lavrio


Total length: 122 nautical miles.


Route decription


1st day. Saturday
Lavrio – Anavyssos Pakea-Fokea (14 miles)

After yacht check in and purchase of food starts sailing. Passage to Anavyssos Pakea-Fokea is rather comfortable, 14 miles only (approximately 1.5-2 hours). It attracts tourists with amazing beauty of nature, clear sea and sandy beaches stretching for many kilometers.


2nd day. Sunday.

Passage Anavyssos Pakea-Fokea - Idra (30 miles)

The next destination is Idra. Its history is inextricably connected with Athens. Island-pearl of Saros Gulf – this is the way this place is called by those who came here to admire with mountains covered with pines and cypresses, breathe fresh marine air and enjoy divine sea cuisine. You can seldom meet here crowds of tourists, road is closed for cars. But if you want to have some fun – fashionable parties and popular bars will always give you such a possibility.


Day 3. Monday.

Passage Idra – Poros (14 miles)

 The next day course is at island Poros. If you come to the island from west passing through a rather narrow channel between island and land part – Peloponnese -  on the port side you will see a small but very comfortable bay beloved by our fellow-countrymen  - Russian bay. There were times when here berthed squadron of graph Orlov, the first Russian admiral who participated in emancipation of Greece from Ottoman occupation. Made up a landing and walling the quay you can see many yachts from different countries.


4th day. Tuesday.

Passage Poros – Methana (4 miles).
Passage Methana – Aegina (9 miles).


Semi island life in Methana attracts tourists appreciating silence, peace and felicity. Methana is famous for its healing sulphur springs. Resorts are located on the edge of the town. The main natural sightseeing of the resort – volcano Methana.

From Methana we sail to Aegina island. Its proximity to Athens determined reach history of this island. In VII century AD here existed flourishing maritime country with own money and temple of Athen Aphaea where parliament of Greece royalty seated for some time.


5th day. Wednesday.

Passage Aegina-Athens (20,5 miles).


6th day. Thursday.

Free day in Athens

The capital of Athens was called in honor of goddess of wisdom. This city first mentioned in 15 century AD. Athens is the ancient city on the world. The evidence of it may be architectural monuments that survived to this day: Acropolis, Hephaestus temple, Lycabettus, Dionysus theatre and others.       


7th day. Friday.

Passage Athens – Lavrio (30 miles).

Lavrio is an outstanding historical town in south0eastern part of Attics. In ancient times it was known for its silver recovery; also it served as the main financial source for Athens. From this Lavrio mined silver were produced coins and financed fleet of Athens.


8th day. Saturday.

Yacht check out till 9.00. Transfer to airport. 

Type of tourIndividual rout
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