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Marmaris – Ciftlik – Skopea-Liman – Fethiye – Kalkan – Kas – Kekova – Finike – Hoyran bay  – Kekova – Kas – Kalkan – Oludeniz – Ekincik – Ciftlik – Marmaris

Total length: 343 n.m.

Marmaris is the one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey. It is situated on the coast of the bay that is similar to a huge fjord. Lying on the edge of two seas, it is protected from waves and winds; that is why it attracts yachtsmen from all over the world. The oldest part of the city – pedestrian zone with wonderful market, picturesque bridges, cast-iron lanterns, narrow streets, tiled roofs, paved roads, plenty of greenery and flowers, where vying with each other racy hosts of restaurants and cafes invite you to come in. Unforgettable pleasure is to walk along the haven watching the bay and ships – from 30-foots up to ocean liners.

Route description

1st day. Saturday.

Check-in. Purchase of food.

Sailing off in 15.00. Passage Marmaris – Ciftlik.

Ciftlik is one of the most picturesque corners of Turkey seaside. It is not included in guides and saved the atmosphere of fishermen’ village. This place is peculiar with its cliffy cape. If you sail round it, you will see fanciful figures of stone, arc, grots, steeps, rocks slicing into water. Try fresh fish at the local restaurant, after dinner walk along the cape, where opens a fantastic view on a bay.


2nd day. Sunday.

Sailing off in 10.00. Passage Ciftlik – Skopea-Liman.

Dinner at the restaurant, the host of which may roast a whole sheep on a turnspit. Berth in a small marina close to a beach. Skopea-Liman is almost fjords: bays, gulfs, inlets, islands. It’s a nice play for maneuvering and docking  training, night stay in a wild bay will be unforgettable.


3rd day. Monday.

Passage Skopea-Liman – Fethiye.
In the evening – walk in Fethiye town.
Fethiye is a place where two epochs combine. It is crusaders’ castle and Ataturk memorial, antique amphitheater and Lycian tombs, yachts and traditional gulets in marina, modern trading centers and eastern market.


4th day. Tuesday.

Sailing off in 09.00. Passage Fethiye – Kalkan.


5th day. Wednesday.

Sailing off in 10.00. Passage Kalkan – Kas.

Evening walk in Kas: old town, port, shopping. Kas is especially nice in the evening, dressed up in street lights on the quay, lights of berthed yachts, stores, houses and restaurants overhanging above water.


6th day. Thursday.

Sailing off in 10.00.

Passage Kas – Kekova. 

Berthage at a small dock in Kekova.

Kekova is one of the most beautiful town of the coast. It is a picture-like – cypresses, white houses with tile roofs, narrow steep streets, and castle on the hill with wavering flag. You will remember sellers of traditional tunics, kerchiefs and souvenirs and seafood. Kekova is also popular because of its gradual submerging – there are buildings, amphorae, Lycian tombs. 


7th day. Friday.

Sailing off in 10.00. Passage Kekova – Finike.

Today’s Finike has grown on the place of antique Finikia, based in 5th century B.C. But unfortunately this antique town is lost under modern buildings. Now it is famous with cozy yacht marine and aromatic oranges.


8th day. Saturday.

It is possible to make an excursion to Phaselis  - an antique town, perfectly preserved till nowadays - from here.

Cleaning of the yacht, purchase of food for the next week in marina Finike. With no doubt Phaselis is a pearl of Lycian seaside. Resting place of Alexander the Great and large antique trade port, it kept its unique atmosphere till today.  Phaselis is hardly may be called ruins - it is a real town with an aqueduct, temples, thermae, amphitheater. Imagination awakened by energetics of this place draws details that were erased with time.


Sailing off in 15.00. Passage at Hoyran.

On the way – Olympus.

Olympus has got a special atmosphere. There were no extensive diggings here. The town fades in pines and oleander, many buildings are overgrown with bush and rush. It is easy to feel oneself a discoverer walking on the central street where river quietly roars. Turn on a hardly noticeable path that breaks off at walls of the building, peep into extant window aperture, sweep away heaps from ancient mosaic, rise at the ruins of fortifications and end up with unbelievably beautiful beach.  


9th day. Sunday.

Leisure morning.

Sailing off in 12.30. Passage Hoyran bay – Kekova.

Stop for lunch.

Sailing off in 15.30. Passage Kekova-Kas. 14 miles.


10th day.

Sailing off in 13.00.

Passage Kas-Kalkan.

11th day. Tuesday.

Sailing off in 10.00. Passage Kalkan-Oludeniz.

Oludeniz area is one of the most impressive in Turkey. Telling about original beauty of Turkey coast, pictures of these fairy places come back. Oludeniz is translated as “dead sea”. It is deemed the lagoon with the quietest sea and the most beautiful beach in the country, surrounded by “pine” mountains that run into blue sea. An amazing view on lagoon, sparkling sea and snow white yachts is opened from here.


12th day. Wednesday.

Sailing off in 10.00.

Passage to Ekincik.

Berthaqge in marina or anchorage near the restaurant.

Ekincik is the wonderful bay surrounded by green woods and picturesque mountains. There is a small marina and a fine restaurant with excellent fish menu and fantastic view on the bay.


13th day. Thursday.

In the morning - excursion at Dalyan: ancient Kaunas, amphitheater and rock-cut Lycian tombs, turtle beach, for wishing   - mud baths. Dalyan is one of the most interesting places on the seaside. From ships maneuvering in bed rushes of Dalyan opens an amazing scenery of Lycian tombs that cut highly in steep rocks on the opposite coast. These tomb instances are among the best.

On a beautiful Iztuzu beach you can see turtles coming out from deep sea to take care of their young in May-June. Ancient Kaunas was built on a high cliff and flourished. There are stone buildings, agora, basilicas, amphitheater.


Sailing off in 15.00.

Passage Ekincik – Ciftlik.


14th day. Friday.

In the morning – walk at cape. Sailing off in 14.00.

Passage Ciftlik – Marmaris. 13 miles.

On the way – swimming in Marmaris bay.

Berthage in marina.


15th day. Saturday.

Disembarkation till 09.00.

Transfer to the airport or hotel for those who would like to stay longer. 


Type of tourIndividual rout
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