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Route on the most beautiful corners of South Dalmatia. Emerald-green pine forests, olive woods and islands with cozy bays and chic promenades. Comfortable route for rest, filled with interesting passages, berths in comfortable marinas and swimming in wild bays. Those who fond of history may enjoy with a row of historical sightseeing.



Pirovac – Sibenik – Trogir – Hvar isl(Stari grad). – Split – Rogoznica - Zire isl. – Pirovac


Route decription

1st day. Passage Pirovac – Sibenik

14-00 Crew meets captain 

15-00 Settling in cabins, purchase of food

17-00 Sailing off from Pirovac, passage to marina Sibenik

Pirovac is a small resort with a fishing pier in Northern Dalmatia, located near the bay of the same name. Pirovac is located 20 kilometers north-west from the center of the Riviera, near the historic city of Sibenik. Until the 20s of the 20th century, he was called Zlosel.

For the first time Pirovac was mentioned in 1298, when the diocese of Sibenik was formed. Despite the fact that this zone has been inhabited since antiquity, the settlement was officially founded in the 15th century by the northern Croats who fled from Turkish tyranny.


2nd day. Passage Sibenik– Trogir

10-00 Sightseeing.

14-00 Sailing off from Sibenik, passage to Trogir.

Sibenik is one of the most popular resorts in Croatia, located on the azure shores of the Adriatic Sea. A city with an incredibly warm atmosphere, a wonderful promenade, along which there are many cozy cafes with local cuisine and a rich cultural heritage. The city has a unique religious building - the white-stone Catholic Cathedral of St. James, listed as a UNESCO. Also in Sibenik, recently, an amazing harbor has been set up - Marina Mandalina, where a stunning view of the coast opens up, and where the journey begins

3rd day. Passage Trogir – Hvar

10-00 Swimming

12-00 Sailing off from Trogir, passage to Hvar
Trogir is a city in the south of Croatia in the Dalmatia region. It is located on the coast of the Kastel Gulf in the Central Adriatic between the cities of Split and Sibenik. Trogir is a small ancient city, the medieval historical center of which is one of the best preserved in Europe and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The old town of Trogir, rich in cultural and historical monuments, authentic architecture and a labyrinth of charming streets, is located on a small island and is called "Little Venice". It is a great place for a day trip from Split, which is not like other cities in southern Croatia.

4th day. Passage Hvar – Split.
10-00 Sightseeing
13-00 Sailing off from Hvar, passage to Split
Island Hvar is called a king among Croatian islands of Dalmatia. One of the ten most beautiful islands in the world. The most popular island-resort in Croatia among tourists. Mild warm climate all year round, multiple cultural and historical monuments, great entertaining program both day and night time, tasty home-made wine cultivated on local vineyards and of course beautiful azure coast with warm water. Island Hvar is simply made for ideal vacation.



5th day. Passage Split – Rogoznica
10-00 Sightseeing
11-30 Sailing off from Split, passage to Rogoznica

Split is a city in southern Croatia in the historic region of Dalmatia. Located in the central part of the Adriatic Sea and is the center of a popular resort region. Split is one of the oldest cities in the country and the second most populous after Zagreb. It was built around the ancient palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, who was trying to find peace on the warm shores of the Adriatic after the abdication of the throne. The sights of Split are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in the old town you can still see the remains of the Roman walls, squares and temples.


6th day. Passage Rogoznica - Zire isl.

9-00 Seightseeing

11-30 Sailing from Rogoznica, passage to Zire isl.

Rogoznica is a popular resort city in Northern Dalmatia, located between Split and Šibenik. The length of the town along the coast is 35 km. Conventionally, the city is divided into two halves - the Old Town with impressive architectural monuments and the modern part of Rogoznitsa. In the old part of Rogoznitsa the main architectural sights of the city are concentrated. For example, the city port was built in the heyday of the Republic of Venice, and today luxury yachts moor here. Particular attention should be paid to the church of St.. Nicholas, which was built in 1515, as well as the Cathedral of the Ascension of St. Virgin Mary, which was built in 1683. The style of both structures is typical of medieval Dalmatia.


7th day. Passage Zire isl. - Pirovac 
10-00 Sightseeing

13-00 Sailing off from Zire isl., passage to Pirovac

Zhire is one of the most beautiful islands in the central part of Croatia. Thousands of travelers come here every year, attracted by local beaches, national cuisine, romantic atmosphere, temperate climate and scenic spots.

It has preserved historical architecture, which testifies to the ancient settlements during the Middle Ages. It is very interesting to visit these parts and gain strength and energy for the whole year ahead. This is a paradise for scuba divers, as the sea is clean and clear. Numerous bays will give a great reason to retire with your half and remember the starry night forever.

8th day. Disembarkation from yacht.


Type of tourYacht tour
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