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Le Marin (Martinique is.) – Sainte Anne – Fort de France - Roseau (Dominica is.)  - Portsmouth – (Guadeloupe is.) Basse-Terre - Pointe-à-Pitre - Marie Galante is. - Terre-De-Haut – Roseau (Dominica is.) – Point du Bout – Pointe Seraphine (Sainte Lucia is.) – Ford Rodny – Le Marin.


Total length: 350 n.m.


Caribbean islands is heaven on Earth: snow-white sand of beaches, bright-turquoise sea, blue sky, soft breeze, cocoa palms and of course vibrant parties with plenty of rum – all this attracts hundreds of yachtsmen from around the world!

We offer you a unique exotic sailing vacation on paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean. Caribbean means excellent conditions for diving, snorkeling and fishing, legends about pirates and sunken treasures, rum and plenty of fruits and, of course, snow-white sails of luxury yachts. Sailing in Caribbean can make your dream come true!


Route description

1st day. Saturday.   

Le Marin (Martinique is.) – Sainte Anne (3 miles).

Martinique is a piece of France on Caribbean. The island exudes French feeling – in an excellent cuisine, beauty of its language, and elegance of streets and gardens. Still Martinique is something special. It takes with it Indian warmth in its individuality, spicy music and dances, local dishes and lifestyle.  Martinique is an island with style. 


2nd day. Sunday.

Sainte Anne – Fort de France (25 miles)

Sailing off from Sainte Anne in 09:00.

Passage to Fort de France.


Fort de France lies on the western coast of the island at its northern entrance in large bay, in estuary of Madame River. A tourist walking in old narrow streets of Fort de France will be charmed with its ancient architecture in French style. Balconies made of beaten metal and stony bas reliefs remind of old districts of New Orleans or Montreal.


They also produce home made rum from local reed. Experts appreciate it as equal to Cuban rum.

3rd day. Monday.

Fort de France - Roseau (Dominica is.) (55. 5 miles).

Roseau is the capital of Dominica. It is built on the place of Indian settlement Sairi. Roseau is the treasure of historical architecture, that will not find on any other Caribbean islands. Roseau combines modern and colonial (French) architecture. There is a unique botanic garden uptown, all most interesting representatives are collected there. Walk in botanic gardens on Dominica is not just a possibility to touch beauty of nature, but to know more about it also.


4th day. Tuesday.

Roseau (Dominica is.)  - Portsmouth (22 miles).

Portsmouth is the ex-capital of Dominica. Not far from Portsmouth there is a Cabrits National park. The park attracts thousands of amateurs of military architecture. Today it is a real historical monument. Buildings, objects, military equipment that is gathered here will give you impression of how mighty and great military buildings of the 18th century were.


5th day. Wednesday.

Portsmouth – (Guadeloupe is.) Basse-Terre (32 miles).

Basse-Terre is the capital of Guadeloupe, it’s well known with its charming streets, parks and squares. The Palais de Justice and Prefecture remind of colonial times. Drop in at the market before visit Fort Delgres. There is a museum Basse-Terre in a massive old monumental fort. Далее дублируется строчка из текста ниже, нужно ее убрать


6th day. Thursday.  

Basse-Terre - Pointe-à-Pitre (30 miles).

Grand Terre Pointe-à-Pitre is the biggest city in Guadeloupe. As soon as you come in the city you will find yourself in the center of Caribbean life. The main city of the island saved its cultural originality. There are many architectural monuments in the city: colonial houses, cathedrals, markets.


7th day. Friday.

Pointe-à-Pitre - Marie Galante is. (21 miles).

Marie Galante is a popular destination for one-day-trip from Grand Terre. It differs from all other islands and worth staying for a night. Marie Galante is the island with untouched island nature. The road encircling the island connect 3 towns: Capesterre, St. Lous and Grand-Bourg. If you come to know the island well you will meet beaches with golden sand, surrounded with underbrush of hibiscus, small charming houses with bloomy gardens, traditional animal-drawn carts with sugar-cane and windmills.

Be sure to visit Roussel and Trianon houses and church of 19th century. Don’t forget to see sculptures of young but talented sculptor Armand Baptiste.


8th day. Saturday.

 Marie Galante is. - Terre-De-Haut (15.5 miles).


Islands of all saints consist of main islands Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas and 7 uninhabited small islands and multiple rocks. There is the only natural haven on Terre-de-Haut. Its entrance is sheltered by Fort Napoleon. It was founded in 1867 on the north-west, but military operations have never taken place there. Walk on the top Le Chameau – the highest peak on the island – takes you a half of an hour, but it worth it. Whole Terre-de-Bas is seen from here, volcano La Soufriere is also can be observed in a day of clear sky.


9th day. Sunday.

Terre-De-Haut – Roseau (Dominica is.) (37 miles).

Dominica is a top ten best places for observing the whales. It is the only country in the world where cachalots stay all year, though major kinds of whales come to Dominica only in the period from November till March.


10th day. Monday. 

Roseau (Dominica is.) – Point du Bout (52 miles).

Beach Point du Bout is situated on a beautiful island Les Trois or Three islands on the western coast of Martinique. Though Point de Bout is often considered boring for tourists, it offers many opportunities for fun. Basically it is represents way to the beach, berth for yachts, some shopping and delicious dinner. Beach area of Point de Bout is not large but it has great choice of tourist facilities.


11th day. Tuesday.

Point du Bout – Pointe Seraphine (Sainte Lucia is.) (37 miles).

Island of volcano origin Saint Lucia enters a group of Windward islands in the center of Lesser Antilles archipelago. It is situated approximately in 34 km south Martinique and 145 km north-west Barbados. This island is a wish of all travelers in all times though it is only 43 km long and 22 km wide. Saint Lucia is mango or avocado-shaped and washed by waters of Atlantic ocean on west and Caribbean on east. The main wealth of the island is fruit plantations in broad fertile valleys. Bananas, cocoa nuts, mango, cacao, oranges and grapes, filling the island with sweet scents, are still forming the basic economics of Saint-Lucia. But the major part of the territory of the island is covered with outstanding peaks: the highest peak of the island Jimmy (950 m.), volcano Soufriere and integral symbol of Saint Lucia – twin-peaks Piton. Ever green tropical woods, sandy beaches and hot springs add to severe beauty of rocks.       


12th day. Wednesday.

Pointe Seraphine (Sainte Lucia is.) – Ford Rodny (7 miles.)

13th day. Thursday.

Ford Rodny – Le Marin (24 miles).


14th day. Friday.

Free day.


As agreed with crew you can choose any island you like most and stop there for a whole day long. 

Type of tourIndividual rout
CountryCaribbean islands
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