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Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Candelaria - Los Cristianos – is. La Gomera - Los Gigantes (Лос ГигантЕс!!!) - Las Galletas – volcano Teide.

Total length: 140 n.m.

Ancient Greeks called Canaries “Happy islands” and believed that these are the remnants of mythic Atlántida. Its other name is “Islands of everlasting spring”, that are situated at the latitude of Africa. Temperature here is above 20 degrees even in winter. 

Canaries’ nature is unique. Volcanic origin, proximity of Africa, location in Atlantic created rare landscapes that unlike both European and African.

The biggest from 7 inhabited islands are Tenerife and Grand Canary.

It is the Teide volcano peak situated on Tenerife that is seen from ships sailing to Canary Islands. Peak El Pico del Teide (3718 meters above sea level) is the highest point of not only Canary but whole Spain. Mountain ridges coming down from crater to sea cut Tenerife at amazing valleys. La Oratava is noted  particularly. The coast of the island is scrap, with cliffs and rocks – for example, rocks Los Gigantes are rising sharply on the height of 600 meters.  The other part of the coast is covered with wonderful beaches with mild and clear sand. Some beaches has golden sand, the others volcano black.

Grand Canary island is also unique. The central mountain ridge divides the island at dry, sunny South and wet North. During one day you may walk from hot desert coast to valleys with moderate temperature in the center of the island, cross subtropical forests and climb the peaks that are covered with snow sometimes.

Route description

1st day. Saturday.

Arrival at the airport (Tenerife), transfer to marina, embarkation on yacht.

Check-in of yacht, purchase of food products.

Sailing out in 15.00. Passage to Candelaria (9 n.m.)

Docking approximately in 17.00. Free evening in the town.

Berth in marina.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife – is the capital of Tenerife Island, and one of two capitals of Canary Islands. The city is well known with it carnival, second in scope and colorfulness after Rio-de-Janeiro. The carnival is held in February and it is the whole island that takes part in it, not only the city.

One of sights of the city – Square of Spain, Auditorio Tenerife, Masonic Temple and Torres-de-Santa-Cruz. A famous Teresitas beach  is also worth visiting – it is the only beach with yellow sand that was delivered here from Sahara desert deliberately.

Shore-based Candelaria is situated in a few kilometers from the capital of the  island and is known as Mecca of Patron Saint of Canaries, the Black Virgin of Candelaria.

2nd day. Sunday.

Sailing off in 09.00. Passage to Cristianos (35 n.m.)

Docking at marina Los Cristianos about 16.00.

Sightseeing. Dinner.

Berth in marina.

Los Criatianos is located at the foot of volcano that dead long ago and it is famous with its curing climate. Unlike the neighbor village Las-Americas that is whole dedicated to tourists, Los-Cristianos is the town with its unique atmosphere. The central, historical part of it is very compact, low-rise and densely built-over: narrow streets, shops, bars, modest apartments, houses.

3rd day. Monday.

Sailing off in 11.00. Passage to island La Gomera (21 n.m.)

Docking at marina San-Sebastian about 15.00.


The capital of the island – San Sebastian de la Gomera – is a small nice town. The main sights of San Sebastian are associated with Christopher Columbus who stopped sometimes on Canary Islands on his way to New World. It still keeps the church were Columbus prayed before travelling to undiscovered coasts of America, the house where he stayed, the well, from which they took water for his flotilla, with inscription: ”With this water America was christened”, and the tower where, as guides tell, Columbus secretly met with the governess of Gomera.

4th day. Tuesday.

Morning – excursion to National Park Garajonay.
Time for excursion 10.00 – 15.00.

Sailing off in 16.30. Passage to Los Gigantes (17 n.m.)

Arrival at marina Los Gigantes about 19.00.

Night stay in marina.

Gomera Island has a unique nature. There are almost no entertainments here, but there preserved the biggest oldest Canary wood. In an everlasting smoke there grow huge ferns and tree heaths with laurels, as it was until Ice age. It is the only island of the archipelago without traces of volcanic activity but its landscapes are striking.    

Los Gigantes place – is the most popular resort among German and English tourists who prefer quiet rest to noisy tourist centers.

This place is famous with homogeneous rocks, which are the highest in whole Spain. Its ledges achieve 500 meters high, and submerged on the same distance. The best place to watch great scene of the sea. There is a cozy homogeneous town at the eastern foot of rocks; there you will find the biggest port for cruising vessels and small trawlers. If you decide to go fishing in the ocean – do it here.

5th day. Wednesday.

“Land” day. Volcano Teide – symbol of Tenerife. 

National Park Teide. Rising above the island, volcano Teide amazes with its mightiness and strikes with awe. At its feet stretches impressing moon landscape of weathered rocks, frozen lava streams, old damaged craters. All this is a “National Park Las Canias del Teide” – the most visited nature park of Spain, where “Star wars” were shoot. 

6th day. Thursday.

Sailing off in 11.00. Observing famous rocks Los Gigantes from sea.

Passage to Las-Galletas (20 n.m.)

Docking in marina Las Galletas about 15.00.

Leisure time for lunch and walking.

Night stay in marina.

Lost between greenhouses with bananas, tomatoes and flowers, Las Galletas is a charming town with its small fishing port and tourist complex Ten Bell built in 60-s.

7th day. Friday.

Sailing off in 09.00.

Passage to Tenerife (38 n.m.)

Arrival at marina Tenerife approximately in 17.00.

Fueling. Check out.

Night on board.

8yh day. Saturday.

The boat should be returned till 09.00.

Transfer to the airport or hotel for those who want to stay longer. 

Type of tourIndividual rout
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