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Toulon – Porquerolles– Saint Tropez –  Antibes – Cannes – Port Cros –Toulon

Total length: 142 n.m.

France is one of the leading sailing countries of the world. Turquois sea, tropical plants, luxurious landscapes, mild subtropical climate, wonderful sun-drenched beaches and bays of Mediterranean…

Route description

1st day. Saturday.

Port Toulon. Passage Toulon – Porquerolles (15 miles).

A small village with population of 300 people is situated on the island. There is everything for comfortable rest – hotels, cafes, restaurants.

Environment and cleanliness is appreciated above all here – smoking is forbidden, pets on the leash only, substantial fine for any garbage left.

75% of the island is a National park. There is a Saint Anna charge in the village; higher on the hill you will find remnants of 16th century fortress and windmill.

2nd day. Sunday.

Passage Porquerolles – Saint Tropez (26 miles)

Saint Tropez that once had been a fishermen’s village is a center of social life of Cote d’-Azur now. Picturesque coast line, generous sun and welcoming sea. You can see yacht everywhere – in port, near beach, in a private haven, in a bay. The most popular place in the town –promenade. Besides beaches and port the resort may offer interesting walks on the streets and sightseeing. Artistic museum L’Annonciade, fortress of 17th century with terrace from which whole bay is observed. A bright performance is Saint Tropez’ market. There is a noisy, almost eastern bazar on Place des Lices square in the center of the town.           

3rd day. Monday.

Passage Saint-Tropez – Antibes _(26 miles).

Antibes yacht haven is considered to be the biggest in Europe and consists of five ports. The most important and biggest in Antibes is port Vauban. The haven holds a hundred of large vessels and is full all year round. This place looks like a maritime museum. Giant sea park Marineland is the first in Europe. Dolphins, orcas, tropical fish of all colors and shades are among its inhabitants. Antibes is very popular among young men, it suits fine for vibrant amusement. There are many French restaurants and bars; you will find here good English and Irish pubs also, such as Blue Lady and Hop Store.

4th day. Tuesday.

Passage Antibes – Cannes (10.5 miles)

Vacation in Cannes means splendid sandy beaches, fine cuisine, everlasting festivals – everything here is created for elite rest. Royal regattas are take place in Cannes annually. Famous royal regatta is held in Cannes more than 80 years already.

Famous Regates Royales – Trophee Panerai  in Cannes’ bay is held the end of September annually. Besides competitive part, regatta is a real festival for romantics attracted by mild climate of Cannes and its charming atmosphere.

5th day. Wednesday.

Free day.

After you enjoyed Cannes’ amenities and visited a famous boulevard Croisette, you may use a railroad and come to one more famous town of Cote-d’Azur – Nice. There are small distances between the towns (for example trip from Cannes to Nice will take you half of an hour at 6.60 euro). The section of the town where Opera and Court Palace, famous flower marker, multiple small restaurants  are situated, is almost completely closed for cars and ideal for walking. You can also visit in the old town churches of St. Reparate and St. Jacques, orthodox church of Saint Nikolai, former palace of dukes Savoysky (now Prefecture palace) and castle built by them in 20th century, and museums of Chagall and Matthias, Roman ruins.

6th day. Thursday.

Passage Cannes – Port Cros (42.5 miles).

Port Cros is the interesting National park, where you can see various kinds of birds, butterflies, fish.  Camping, picnics, underwater hunting is forbidden. It is the first reserved park of Europe that was created for saving flora and fauna of Iles d'Hyères, in particular, rare kinds of plants and species, and investigation and protection of underwater world of Mediterranean.

7th day. Friday.

Passage Port Cros – Toulon (21.5 miles).

Toulon is reach with its sights. One of them is old city, historical center of Toulon. It is a pedestrian area with narrow streets, small squares and multiple fountains. There is a Toulon church in the center of the city. Here you will also find a famous Provence market that opens every morning and offers home-produces goods to its customers.       

Type of tourIndividual rout
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