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Investments in yachting

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  • 1
    Profit-making capacity up to 10-35% per year in EU
  • 2
    Stable money flow in EU
  • 3
    Insurance against all possible risks
  • 4
    Low competitive level
  • 5
    Growing demand for yacht charter in Europe
  • 6
    Low wear and long life of yachts
  • Invested object wears and falls in price.
  • Season 7 months a year.
  • Main cash inflows are seasonable: April - November.
  • Return on assets is lower than in RF.
  • Rental business
  • Business experience in this field for 6 years.
  • Availability of necessary infrastructure.
  • Business is concentrated in Croatia. It is the most popular place for sailing vacation in Europe.
  • Invested object can be transferred in any country in case of crises.
  • Stable income in euro.
  • Investments in euro.
  • High income percentage for Europe.
  • All risks are insured.
  • Investor may become one of company promoters.
  • Easy and clear to come in and out.
  • Possibility of growth and enlargement.
  • European clients with stable income.



Small but beautiful gorgeous Croatia is situated in one of the most environmentally-friendly corners of the Earth -  on the South of Central Europe and north-western part of Balkan Peninsula. Its borders adjoin Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Italy (by sea) that makes its location especially attractive for tourists.

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One of the main geographical peculiarities of Croatia is its outlet to Adriatic Sea. Croatia occupies the major part of Adriatic coast among all countries of Balkan Peninsula – 1777 km. Total length of coastline is 5 790 km including islands. 1185 islands join the territory of the country, only 66 of them are inhabited. That is why Croatia is called “Country of a thousand islands”.


Croatia miraculously combines unique nature complexes and historical monuments with multiple castles, mountain chains and wonderful coastline with hundreds of islands and picturesque bays, dense forests and numerous thermal springs. Large number of Croatian sights belong to worldwide inheritance of UNESCO and are under its protection.


Tourism in Croatia
Tourism in Croatia

Thanks to its favorable geographic position, multiform relief and water system Croatia is a perspective country for touristic industry. There apply special laws and programs focused on development of tourism, beach holiday in particular.

Touristic industry is highly developed in Croatia and remains one of the most important components of state’s economics. Average total income from this industry forms 15-20% of Croatian GDP. About 11-12 millions of tourists visit Croatia annually. Seaside resorts such as Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Makarska Riviera, Pula and Dalmatinski islands are all the range. 

But Adriatic coast is popular not only among amateurs of beach resorts. Health and leisure tours, extreme and active kinds of sport are also popular. Croatian Department of Tourism focuses on such direction as sea tourism recent years. More and more yachtsmen, divers and windsurfers come here every year.         

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Yachting in Croatia
Yachting in Croatia

Croatia is perfect for sailing. Stretched coastline and numerous islands makes huge choice for sea routes:  both beginners and experienced yachtsmen will adore sailing tours in Croatia.

Its infrastructure is one of the best in Mediterranean for sailing and rest. During last 30 years there were built more than half hundred of modern marinas and docks, most quays are equipped with moorings, there is electricity, water and places for garbage disposal. All marinas are supplied with toilets and showers, 24-hour security, shops, restaurants, parking places. There are buoys and organized placed for anchorage in many bays.


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There are more than 2700 solar hours a year at Croatian coast. During high season (July-August) air temperature raises up to 35-38 degrees, water -  up to 26°. During low season beaches become empty, prices come down, but the weather is still warm and temperature of water is acceptable for swimming. The best time for sailing in Croatia – from beginning of May till the end of October.


The main advantages of yachting in Croatia:

1. Favorable climate conditions

2. Variety of inland yacht routes

3. Availability of neighbor countries suitable for yachting (Montenegro, Italy etc.)

4. Developed infrastructure oriented to satisfaction of yachtsmen needs

5. Moderate prices in comparison with European countries

Investments in yacht charter
Investments in yacht charter

Yachting in Croatia may be viewed not only from the point of wonderful vacation but as profitable and reliable way of investment of own capital.

During last years Croatia gained foothold as one of the most attractive world direction for charter and opens magnificent perspectives for development of yachting business. More and more Russian investors want to pour cash into this industry. 

Advantages of investments in yachting:
Advantages of investments in yachting:
  • Growing demand for yacht charter

For a long time yachting was mistakenly thought as expensive and luxury way of vacation, that is unaffordable for many. Recently this myth was dispelled and with every new season growing number of people rent yachts worldwide, including Croatia.

Proximity of Croatia to European countries and its joining into EU worked towards heavy tourist flow from Europe. Transport accessibility, moderate prices and free entry for EU-citizens attracted in Croatia German, Austria, Slovenia, Czech people who don’t have own or unlimited sea areas.

Developed yacht infrastructure also encourages choice preference of clients towards Croatia if compare with Greece, Italy and Turkey. And prices for yacht charter in Croatia is much more attractive than in France and Spain.

  • Low competitive level

Due to geographical peculiarities of Croatia and splendid developed infrastructure charter companies situated straight-line along whole coast including islands. Such decentralization conditions low and effective competition either among whole country or in separate regions.


  • Insurance against all possible risks

    Investment in yachts is less adventurous than property acquisition. By contrast with property acquisition you always can change charter company, place of basing and even country.

Annual yacht insurance covers all possible risks (highjacking, fire, damages, third-party liability and others). It costs about  1.5-2% from price of object for insurance. Insurance companies provide franchise, but charter companies always charge deposit in amount of stated franchise. In such a way when an insured event occurs owner doe not suffer losses and franchise is paid from client’s deposit.


  • Low wear and long life of yachts


Value and technical state of yacht during exploitation term varies slowly and slightly unlike other types of property. Value of yacht reduces approximately at 4-5% a year (depends on year of built) that gives a possibility of following sale with minimal losses. In case of steady charter of yacht these losses are trivial.

Moreover, annual technical service of yachts means maintenance check-up and all necessary arrangements to prevent wear. Additional repair and setting of additional equipment finally add to the price of yacht.      


  • Profit-making capacity up to 10-35% per year in EU

Even with average charter index your income will be about 15-20% per year. In such a way yacht pays for itself in 5 years approximately. After the first charter season all mandatory expenses for insurance, technical service of yacht will be paid from received income. 


  • Stable money flow


Investing in yacht charter one secures stable money flow. First of all notwithstanding that yacht season lasts 5-6 months a year, bookings of yacht proceed all year round. On the second hand according to charter rules 50% from cost of booking is prepaid.



Besides mentioned above key success factor of your business is correct choice of yacht and its place of stay.

Our fleet is based in marina Kornati in Biograd-na-Moru for a long time already.

Ship base and its advantages
Ship base and its advantages

Biograd-na-Moru – part of Zadar County. It is situated on the coast of Adriatic Sea. In spite of its small size and population (about 6 thousands of people) this is a town with reach history that became advanced tourist resort. During high season here take place regattas, competitions, fests and other entertaining events.

Among advantages of the town is its transport infrastructure. Nearest airport situated in Zadar, what makes only 20 km from Biograd. Moreover Biograd-na-Moru has bus connection among all central Croatian cities and ferry connection with Pasman island.

Marina Kornati

Marina Kornati is considered to be one of the best and largest in whole Croatia, it is equipped with everything needed both for amateurs and professionals in yachting.




This place attracts yachtsmen because of great number of charter companies, wide choice of yachts and multiple sport event that take place in this region. Yacht season in this region starts earlier that in other central regions what is appreciated by owners of yachts and charter companies as well.

Marina Biograd-na-Moru divided in quest and home marina. Total water area accounts 800 places, all docks supplied with fresh water and electricity. Marina Kornati is equipped with showers and toilets, guarded parking, fuel station for cars and vessels; there is whatever it takes either for minor repairs or for annual yacht service maintenance.

“Aquatoria” Company
“Aquatoria” Company

 “Aquatoria” company is one of the top and acknowledged companies on international market. We have been successfully engaging for more than 7 years in:

  • yacht training
  • yacht charter worldwide
  • organization of various events (tours, corporate parties, regattas etc.)
  • yacht market
  • yacht maintenance


We train and set off on a journey more 350 people annually. During last years our company showed excellent financial results, formed huge client base majority of which became standing customers.

Along with that we have chosen one more direction that develops dynamically – yacht market.

At the moment company manages 11 yachts already – two luxury yachts Sun Odyssey 54 DS and sport fleet from nine yachts Bavaria 42 Match.

Yachts managed by the company take part in training process and regattas, they are chartered too. First-hand experience gives evidence of good financial results, but we wouldn’t like to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. We are working at involving new clients and investors in the sphere of yachting.

What does our job consist of and what services we provide:
What does our job consist of and what services we provide:

1. Telephone consultations and meeting concerning profitability, reliability, market demand, business peculiarities, yacht selection etc.

2.   Preparation for registration of the firm (determining of founding members and invested amount, preparation of founding documents, collection of primary set of documents, processing of letters of attorney and others)

3. Setting up a business in Croatia (registration of firm and registration in all required authorities, opening bank accounts, contracts with accounting firm, producing of a stamp) 

4. Firm property acquisition (monitoring of market, selection of yacht, organization of required checks and inspections, signing of agreement of sale and purchase, legal services at all stages of bargain)

5. Operational services (reregistering of yacht, insurance, determining of berth and selection of charter company, signing of charter contracts, organization of service maintenance, repair and winter storage)

6. Accounting services (payments control, account keeping)

7. Agent services (organization of advertising on company’s website, yacht charter by clients of our company)


Investments in yachts – is one of the most profitable and reliable businesses. After your yacht is purchased and chartered you won’t need to spent much time and money at business anymore. Yacht will work for itself, main tasks will be solved by us and charter company.

Task of “Aquatoria company” – is to solve all technical and administrative matters concerning opening and starting of your business, providing services to the full extent in short terms. You can have complete package of services or use a particular service of our company.

For additional information and prices for provided services of the company please contact us

CEO of " Aquatoria" company
Logushkin Yury
+7 (965) 326 38 71 Skype: sailing-tur E-mail:
Contacts of our offices
Head office in Chekhov:
Russia, MO, Chekhov, Gubernskiy, Zemskaya 16, 2
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance. It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance. It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!
Base of our yachts
Obala Rtine 1A, 22213 Pirovac, Croatia
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance. It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!
We ask you to agree on date and time of your visit with the secretary in advance. It considerably will reduce time of your expectation!
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